This song is copyrighted by quite some music labels, including parts of Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group, there are too many to be named all separately.
Includes samples of “O Fortuna” by German composer “Carl Orff”, based on the 13th century poem “O Fortuna”, part of the “Carmina Burana”(Songs from Benediktbeuern).
The other lyrics are sung by British singer Ruth-Ann Boyle.
Although it should be obvious, this song, “Gravity of Love” by the German music project “Enigma” is about “how love is so powerful, how love can bring someone back to earth when they feel like they’ve lost all hope, how every past relationship aids in making each new one better, and so forth.”

Oh, and as a side note, for those who ever spread any discrimination:
We already made the connections to Germany and the United Kingdom with this song, but we could go on by stating the fact that the one behind Enigma, Michael Cretu, was born in Romania.
That the copyright holders of Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment are American, but the owners of these companies are French and Japanese.
That the language of the sample of “O Fortuna” is Latin, a language that comes from a group of people known as the Latins, who were early inhabitants of the city of Rome, making a connection to Italy.
And I could go on for some time, but I am kind of tired already while just writing this.
My point being:
listen to the song, stop the hate, and embrace love. We are one world and one humanity.