A closer look: deinstitutionalisation of child care systems

By Vadim Dovganyuk

When we look at campaigns like the ones of Lumos, Disability Rights International, Family For Every Child, and even my beloved ChildFund, you would suppose that institutions are basically places that shouldn’t exist at all, however, a question you may wish to have answered is how true this actually is. Orphans, children who lost both…


Factual info about the phenomenon taking young people’s lives: Blue Whale

By Vadim Dovganyuk

This message was imported from my Facebook, original post at: https://www.facebook.com/snowcalmth/posts/1912608612394350?pnref=story Information verified by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Omsk region at Russia Blue Whale is a phenomenon that in the recent years has started taking lives at primarily Russia, called this way to be reflective to the suicidal acts of whales. The…