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Information verified by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Omsk region at Russia

Blue Whale is a phenomenon that in the recent years has started taking lives at primarily Russia, called this way to be reflective to the suicidal acts of whales.

The actual true origin is currently unknown, but is said to be at Russia by Western countries, while at Russia it has been said more recently to come from the previous Soviet Asian countries, regardless, like I said, a factual starting location remains unknown.

While it is often called a game, it is not an actual game as some suppose, but rather are talks/chats that challenge the so-called players, going from simple acts, like listening to a song, or watching some movie, not necessarily anything bad, but moves forward to self-harm or harming others, until the act of suicide.
It’s often said by media that it involves 50 challenges, but this is not actually true, the number of challenges have been lower, as there have been those who only been challenged to do 30 before suicide, while others had higher numbers, going up to a hundred.
The only stable mark is that it ends with the act of suicide.

Also the actual person who is behind this remains in the shadows.
There have been arrested several spreaders of this throughout time at primarily Russia, they all have been concluded to not been the starters of this, which includes Philipp Budeikin, who claims to have started this all, which already has been discredited by Russian authorities.

At this moment a lot of YouTubers are claiming to have been involved in this, but the likeliness of this being true is close to 1%.
This all is targeted at people who instead do not want to actually be noticed, the ones who at schools are just one of the crowd, and not those who are in search of fame or publicity, like YouTubers…

Currently the death toll is said to be between the 200 and 300 people at Russia alone, climbing as time goes on.
To prevent further suicides, security agencies are actively monitoring hashtags and related information to this all, and if you are one of those who is sharing any information about this, you are likely to have the police raiding your house, as has happened already a lot of times.
The likelihood of successfully getting away at countries like Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Germany, Finland, Turkey, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Czechia, Hungary, Romania, and Moldova are low because of this continuous monitoring, hence the lack of news of new cases at these countries recently.

More recently it has been said to have spread to other countries, like China, India, Kenya, United States, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, and several other countries, however, these claims are said to be independent cases at Russia.
The game is primarily targeting the area of Siberia, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan, and the only confirmed other spread was caused by Ilya Sidorov, which made it get to Moscow and other Western Russia locations, including to the border of Ukraine and Russia.
The discrediting of other reports includes the reasoning of this not actually having factually reached countries like Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Bulgaria when it comes to the Western spread, and not moved to countries like Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan when it comes to an Eastern spread, which has actual factual meaning, as these locations are more likely that this had reached than any other country abroad, primarily to do with these all being Russian-speaking countries.

But, there remains one obvious question, why do people actually do all of this?
Well, they are persuaded by false claims of having personal information, which is caused by social media…
As we almost all have social media accounts, we all share things, and there are people, like myself, who are smart enough to hide a lot of information, like keeping photos strictly to Instagram and not other locations, but not everyone does, which is exactly what is exploited.
What is done by the people spreading all of this is searching harmful information you have shared at your social media accounts, and they will use this against you if you try to get out of doing any acts.
It’s why currently at Russia there are more and more campaigns happening to not share certain information at your social media profiles, including not sharing photos at VK, Twitter, and Facebook.

It’s very unlikely we have seen the end of this, and it is likely this will spread to other countries, caused by the lacking of factual information, so I hope this all helps to be a more informed.
If there are any other questions, I am able to answers almost any of them, with factual information.
In case you are targeted, please know that the personal information they have is nothing more than you have already shared before, so please, don’t let them affect you by this, and especially not push you to suicide, and rather contact police if anyone tries this against you, as the only one who could hurt you, is you….