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On this sacred day, in gentle repose,
In the heart’s sanctuary, a story unfolds.
A tale of faith, resilient and true,
In the hush of Shabbat, I share it with you.

Faith is a flame that forever will burn,
In every heart, there’s a lesson to learn.
It guides our steps through the darkest of night,
A beacon of hope, a source of pure light.

In times of joy, in moments of strife,
Faith is the compass that shapes our life.
It’s the unwavering trust in the path we tread,
A steadfast belief that the soul is fed.

Faith is the bridge that spans the divide,
Between earthly realms and the heavens wide.
It connects us all in a tapestry divine,
A thread that unites, a love’s design.

On Shabbat’s day, as we gather as one,
Our faith is a gift from the setting sun.
In silence and prayer, our spirits align,
With the faith that transcends both space and time.

So, let our hearts be filled with grace,
As we embrace Shabbat’s sacred space.
In faith, we find strength, in unity we partake,
A journey of the soul, for faith’s sake.

On this day of rest, our spirits restart,
In the sanctuary of the faithful heart.
In Shabbat’s peace, in faith, we confide,
A bond with the Divine, forever our guide.

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