While just counting my siblings, half-siblings and adoptive-siblings, I go over 100 family members.
Most of my half-siblings are through my biological father.
As I was abandoned by my biological family, I have 2 families.
My biological family means less to me than my adoptive family, blood relations are not always stronger, unlike some say.

Biological Family

Biological parents

I have the uncommon experience of learning about, and meeting both of my biological parents.
Though I have no liking of my biological father at all, I do have a connection with my biological mother.
She is a Polish national, now living with a new husband and children.
Unlike I actually suspected before meeting her,
she is very caring, and tries to keep in touch with me and help when needed.
Still, at the same time she does not push me to keep contact of my side.
I do keep in contact myself too, she is family.
I also have learned she had her reasons to leave me "in the care of orphanages".

Biological Siblings

I have 1 biological full-sibling remaining, I had 2 full-siblings.
Contact with her is close to non-existant.
She is a Russian-national and dislikes me for my opinion of our biological father. Still she shows from time to time that she does care, but most often it resolves around our biological father.

Biological half-siblings

There is not much of interaction between my half-siblings and myself.
While I am aware of my half-siblings, there is no good connection between most of us. Yet, that doesn't mean that I do not connect with all of them.

Father's side

I am very close to 4 of my half-siblings, 2 at Greece, 1 at France, and the other at (the Hashemite Kingdom of) Jordan.
The 4 of us are similar, we all like nature, sports, music and film/movies.
However, our values are the same as well, kindness, respect and honesty always come first.
It has created a strong link between us 4, and we try to keep that as strong as possible.

[su_box title="Extra information"]My Greek half-sibling is blind, still she likes films/movies.
She just likes to just listen.
Translated text: "By listening I understand the story"
It is the part I admire of her, always finding the positive side of things.[/su_box]

Mother's side

Apart of one, my half-siblings through my biological mother are not very accepting of me.
The one who does accept me has regular contact, he is the way I know if my biological mother is fine.

Adoptive Family

My adoptive side of family is a lot more easy.
I have 6 adoptive siblings, 2 are originally, like I am too, from Ukraine(Krasnoperekopsk and Dubno).
I have good connection with all 6 of them.
However, there are 3 that I always end up talking with at home situations.
Not that surprising, it is with my 2 Ukrainian adoptive-siblings, and with my adoptive-sibling originally from Turkey.
Two of my other adoptive siblings are from Serbia and Germany, my other adoptive sibling does not want it shared where he is from. All of my adoptive siblings affect my activities, both online as in actual normal life.
My adoptive parents are both neither originally from Germany, where we live.
It is that which probably causes them to be very accepting of us not always talking German at home, and might be a reason why my German remains weak.

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