Oh, the child with ODD, misunderstood,
A rebel spirit, fiercely stood,
Oppositional, defiant and bold,
A heart that’s restless, never consoled.

From an early age, a spark ignited,
A fiery soul, always excited,
A constant urge to go against the tide,
A spirit that refused to be tied.

In every interaction, a challenge arose,
A need to question, to oppose,
A longing to test authority’s might,
A hunger for freedom, day and night.

A diagnosis of ODD, a label given,
But that fiery spirit could not be driven,
For ODD is more than just a name,
It’s a unique soul, with a different aim.

It’s a mind that questions, seeks to explore,
A heart that yearns for something more,
A strength that rises against the norm,
A spirit that weathers every storm.

The world may see defiance and strife,
But ODD is a treasure, a vibrant life,
A beacon of change, a force to be reckoned,
A soul that shines, never to be threatened.

So let us embrace the child with ODD,
With understanding, patience, and a nod,
For within that rebel, a diamond lies,
A soul that shines with its own glorious ties.

Music: O.D.D. by Hey Violet.
Subtitled by Calmth Music.

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