In the hushed moment of desire’s rise,
Two souls converge beneath starlit skies,
Their hearts entwined, a spell that ties,
In a tender touch, their worlds comprise.

A whispered promise, a gaze so deep,
Like secrets shared, they gently keep,
In the soft caress of lips that sweep,
A kiss, an art, in passion’s leap.

With every beat, their pulse aligns,
Electric sparks, their souls entwines,
In that embrace, no space confines,
Just two hearts lost in love’s confines.

In the tender dance of intertwined breath,
The world around fades into death,
Their love’s bloom, a fragrant wreath,
A kiss that lingers beyond life’s breadth.

In the sweet surrender of stolen time,
Moments of bliss, sublime, divine,
A kiss that sings like a sacred chime,
A memory cherished, a love’s paradigm.

And when apart, their souls will yearn,
For that kiss, that vow, that sacred burn,
In each other’s arms, they’ll return,
In the passion’s flame, forever to discern.

For a kiss, a symphony of hearts,
A language spoken without arts,
In its embrace, love’s journey starts,
A timeless treasure, two worlds imparts.

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