This poem is inspired by a friend I made through my dad. She’s going through a lot of struggles in this dystopian world. As a young person, I must admit that I don’t see the current state of the world as hopeful or in any sort of good way. We already live in a dystopia right at this very moment. There’s too much bad, and it seemingly gets worse on a daily basis. Too many people follow the elite like sheep, often no longer even aware of who the elite are. I might end my poem on a relatively positive note, but my hesitance should be clear. The world should and could be a lot better…

I know I am rambling, so let me leave it at that intro and just share my poem now.


In a world where trust is a fleeting breath,
Dystopia lingers, casting shadows of death,
I tread a path of doubt, a weary soul,
Witnessing a landscape where trust’s tale unfolds.

Betrayal’s whispers echo through the air,
Deception’s dance, a chilling affair,
The bonds we wove, now tattered and torn,
Leaving faith’s embers faded and worn.

Leaders once revered, now masked in deceit,
Their promises shattered, illusions complete,
Innocence fades as cynicism grows,
Leaving behind a trail of severed hopes.

Institutions crumble, their integrity lost,
Leaving our spirits wounded, hearts tempest-tossed,
The fabric of connection, torn apart,
As trust’s fragile web unravels, hearts depart.

Amidst the wreckage, I seek a glimmer of light,
A flicker of hope, to illuminate the night,
For deep within, resilience still resides,
A longing for trust that bravely abides.

In this desolate realm, where shadows loom,
I yearn for solace, a trust in full bloom,
Yet amidst the doubt and the endless decay,
I find strength to challenge this dystopian sway.

The fractures that haunt our fragmented land,
Can be healed through unity, hand in hand,
For trust, though wounded, can be revived,
If we dare to let go of the darkness contrived.

So I raise my voice in a symphony of belief,
To mend the broken bonds, to assuage the grief,
For trust’s redemption lies within our hands,
To shape a world where harmony expands.

This lament of mine, a solemn refrain,
Reflects a yearning, a longing to regain,
A world where trust flourishes once more,
A tapestry woven with threads that restore.

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