In the labyrinth of human hearts, we delve,
Where secrets whispered find their shadowed shelf,
A tapestry woven with threads of deceit,
Innocence lost in the dance of conceit.

We’re fragile souls in a world so wide,
Bound by love, yet torn deep inside,
With trust as delicate as fragile glass,
Cracks appear in the moments we amass.

Behind veils of smiles, the truth concealed,
Underneath the surface, wounds are revealed,
For in life’s grand theater, we all play a part,
A masquerade that can break a heart.

Behind closed doors, in the silent night,
We succumb to darkness, abandon the light,
Inflicting wounds that may never heal,
Yet yearning for forgiveness, we still feel.

We’re artists of pain, with hands of stone,
Painting with words, in hues unknown,
Our tongues, the brush, our lies, the ink,
In the gallery of hurt, we create a link.

Sipping poison from the cup of spite,
Fanning the flames, igniting the fight,
We strike out blindly, unaware of the cost,
Leaving behind a trail of love that’s lost.

In the pursuit of power, we crush the weak,
Ignoring their tears, our hearts growing bleak,
We build our empires on their silent cries,
Blinded by ambition, our morality dies.

But deep within, a flicker of light still gleams,
Longing for peace, to bridge the extremes,
To mend the wounds, and heal each soul,
To find redemption, and again be whole.

For the human heart is a labyrinthine maze,
Where hurt and healing engage in a ceaseless craze,
And in the shadows of betrayal’s harsh sting,
Lies the potential for forgiveness to take wing.

Let us learn from the scars we bear,
Seek the path of love, release the snare,
In the end, it’s compassion’s gentle grace,
That can mend the rifts and help us find our place.

In fractured trust, we find the tale,
Of human frailty, where trust may sometimes fail,
But through forgiveness, we can ascend,
Beyond the hurt we cause, and make amends.

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