I like your images! Where did you get them from?

All images I use on my social media profiles are custom made specifically for usage by me.
All rights belong to me and re-usage is therefore not allowed. My apologies.

Are you the one in the photos you post on your Instagram?

Would be rather weird if it wasn’t me, to be honest…
Anyhow, to be clear: Yes, it’s me.

Why do you primarily use the English language online, and not Russian or Ukrainian?

While Russian is my mother’s tongue and Ukrainian is my native language, the English language is understood by far more people. That’s why I use it online before any other language. It’s basically like when you go to another country, you would speak the language that is native to that country, or at least, you should try to… To me, the language of the internet is the English language, so I will always try to use it first, even though I do know I make mistakes from time to time.

Are there ways to verify the things that you say?

Everything about me is verifiable, even though I did ensure that I have my privacy protected here online. An example are the schools which I used to go to, which requires you to check up on both of my Facebook profile and VK profile to fully know, however, unless you’re Ukrainian, or of another country where VK is blocked, you could easily check both of them.
You would notice I used to School #65 in Donetsk and the British International School in Moscow. After which you could just check my friend list and click on school friends, and you would instantly notice 2 friends, 1 being Marina, whom has clearly in her profile that she used to go to the same school as I did, and she still lives in Donetsk. The other is, originally Israeli, Eden Golan, who lives in Moscow, and is not someone I could lie about knowing after her entry in the Russian version of the Voice Kids. Although she doesn’t have schools in her profile, you could simply use Google, or any other search engine, and search on her name with “British International School” added to it to notice she went to the same school as I did as well.
The same applies for almost all of the things I share, it is all able to verified, you just need to know how, and I obviously don’t always share this, as I am not feeling like verifying everything I share, as eventually there is also something called “trust”.