Globus – Save Me [With Subtitles]

, Globus – Save Me [With Subtitles], SnowCalmth

Song: Save Me
Artist: Globus, a musical project by Israeli-American musician, composer, and record producer Yoav Goren
Lead vocals: Ryan Hanifl
Bass: Kfir Melamed
Drums: Mike Horick
Guitar: Ariel Mann
Violin: Hiro Goto
Keyboard: Yoav Goren
Video location: Los Angeles, United States
Copyright: Imperativa Records, a BMG Rights Management GmbH record label.


See me take my bows.
And I’m heading for the exits, I can’t stick around.
This life’s been hard and I can’t see the sense in fighting it anymore.
Can’t you let me go?
Won’t you show me the door?
‘Cause I’ve made mistakes, I have hurt the ones that I have loved.
And I’ve thrown them under the bus one too many times.
There can be no redemption for a sinner such as I.
Won’t you wish me to the cornfield now?
Won’t you help me stop living a lie?

So here I am in the corner of a dark room.
The same way I began alone with these mournful thoughts and a loaded gun in my hand.
But a foolish part of me still holds out for a shred of humanity, for a queen in a robe, or a knight on a steed
Can’t you see that I’m just a child on his knees?

Save me from fear.
Pain and love come down and rain on me.
Save me today.
Before tomorrow, find me at rest.

Save me from fear.
Pain and love come down and rain on me
Save me today.
Before tomorrow, find me at rest.

Now I’m standing alone in the moment of truth, as the judgement’s handed down.
And my feet are scarred from the broken glass, strewn across the ground.
Then you come to my side and only to you I confide that I’ve been battered and shattered and bruised and abused.

Save me from fear.
Pain and love come down and rain on me.
Save me!
Save me today!
Before tomorrow, find me at rest.
Find me at rest!

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