Today, I present a very personal poem that I’ve written exclusively for today and for my dear little biological sister. She was adopted by a different family from myself and our brother Aleksander. However, this fact doesn’t diminish the contact we maintain or the care I have for her. Therefore, on the occasion of her birthday, I’ve penned a poem dedicated solely to her. I’m aware that she reads my blog, so I’m sending an abundance of love her way.

Special thanks to Igor Zakowski from Łomianki here in Poland for providing the image that is used as featured image.

Poem “Sisters for eternity”:

Dear sister, though we’re far apart,
You’re always in my heart.
Though life has led us separate ways,
My love for you always stays.

We share a bond that’s always there,
A connection beyond compare.
Though years and distance pass us by,
Our sisterly tie will never die.

So on your birthday, I wish you cheer,
And hope you feel my love so dear.
Though not together, you’re in my thoughts,
My darling sister, you’re always sought.

Happy birthday, my sister, my friend,
This wish for joy, I now extend.
Though not side by side, still you and me,
Are sisters for eternity.

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