To all the lovely people who have read my blog this year and interacted with me and my profiles on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, VK, YouTube, Foursquare, Pinterest, Steam, and any other place online: Thank you!
That includes any hater, as you all keep my going. A hater is eventually a blessing as well, as with hate you show you care about what I say and do, which is more than I can say about anyone else. So, as controversial as it may seem, thank you to all haters too.
May you all have blessed holidays, a good ending of 2018, and a good start of 2019. Be safe and enjoy.
Until the start of the new year, my blog will have a short hiatus because of the holidays.

Also, special thanks to the authors of the following blogs for their interactions, friendship, and shares:

Edit: My favorite blog about autism by an autistic person has not been added to this list because her social media profiles have been set to private. I believe you know who you are, you amazing girl on the spectrum. ;) If you are okay with me adding your blog to the list, send me a message on Twitter.

Simple Ula
A blog by a Polish-Canadian friend about a plethora of subjects. I really love reading this blog myself, so maybe you might too. It’s basically a little bit everything. :)

Neurodivergent Rebel
People generally state that they like my blog for being respectful but outspoken, that’s exactly what you get of the writer of this blog as well. It’s no secret I respect her greatly. Primarily writes about mental health, but I don’t think that surprises anyone.

Who do I like more greatly than anyone? Yes, those who do kindness out of the goodness of their hearts. The Welsh writer, living at New Zealand, of this blog is one of those people. She is fundraising for the Variety – the Children’s Charity in New Zealand. If you’re interested in knowing more about her cause, you can read it HERE.

In Dianes Kitchen
I’m one of those people who could easily state his favorite chef and favorite food, which are Australian chef Adriano Zumbo, who I’ve been blessed to actually have met personally, and my favorite food is mushroom risotto. However, I’m also one of those people who can’t eat certain things while still cooking for others, like for example meat. That’s where Diane’s blog has always blessed me with. The writer, Diane, is very clear, but still very short. I like that, none of that over-explanatory writing that most often causes confusion when it comes to cookbooks. With just her writing, I have been able to perfectly cook meals with chicken, beef, and other meat. That’s an achievement for someone who truly can’t taste it. A lovely cooking blog that could even help you out during the holidays.

Hands in the Garden
The writer of the blog is a social worker, I’m studying social sciences, do you really need more explanation than that? No, I’m just kidding, obviously I have more to say. I love the writer, his name is Anthony, and his blog for writing that kind of way, straight-forward and honest. Apart of that, Anthony is an awesome writer, he shares truly beautiful poetry, and makes me aware of music that I didn’t know about before, which is actually kind of age-related, but okay. It’s probably the blog to read during the holidays if you’re actually online, seeing as most people actually spend their holidays with their loved ones, and generally only the people of a certain mindset are still online…

A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip!
The writer of this blog, Rory, is a guy who I truly have come to see as a friend, even though when it comes to age, he could have been my father. The main reason for that is actually his writing. As simply by the way he writes, he can make you smile and feel happy. If you don’t believe me, read his blog, and you will most certainly come to know what I’ve experienced so many times. He’s a blessing in my mind, and it surprised me that he isn’t a children’s book writer or anything alike, as he could be. I’m truly blessed that I have come to know him through a British friend. He’s also an autistic person who has more focus on other subjects than autism.

Family Furore
Save the best for last, that’s what they say, and what I did. The writer of this blog, Kat, deserves more praise than I can express in words. She’s one of the strongest and kindest people I have come to know here online. I may call her a friend, but she’s so much more to me, like an inspiration, to name just one term. More than anyone, Kat, thank you not only for reading my blog, but also for the amazing things you do each and every day. They may be regular to you, but to me it shows you are one of the most amazing people that I know.