As it’s Christmas Eve, it’s likely people are creating beautiful memories, memories some may want to eternalize with photos.
I am going to keep this short, as the message is short:
“Don’t overly share photos online!”

If you wish to end the holidays with your (and your family’s) cyber-safety intact, please keep photos private.
In case you really want to share your photos, think about sharing them through a private Instagram profile, instead of sharing them at profiles on Facebook, Twitter and other similar social media platforms.
Sure, sharing may be fun, but the effects of sharing 1 photo can be catastrophic.
Eventually, 1 photo can do more than you suppose, and it’s not just your privacy that is a concern these days…
Like if you don’t follow me on Instagram and don’t know me on a personal basis, you won’t know my close friends and that I do boxing, which is just part of my privacy.
Yet, more importantly, you don’t know where I usually hangout, what sort of items are there in my house, and many other examples…
It may seem like a tiny bit of information, but it is factually information that could be abused.
Just those 2 examples could be extremely useful to a thief, as they know what sort of valuables I have in my house, and when I am likely not at home.
And, of course, there are far more distressing examples of people using your photos for ulterior motives, but I don’t wish to be grim.

So, during these holidays, enjoy, but don’t let go of your safeguards. Eventually, these days people are still the same people, meaning that there are bad people.
You will thank yourself later when the distressing messages will be popping up again of those who didn’t think about their safety…