Today is Holocaust Memorial Day.

On this day we remember the worst genocide Europe and the world has experienced throughout history. A genocide which primarily targeted Jews and Roma, but also those who were disabled, Slavic people (especially Poles), Jehovah’s Witnesses, communists, socialists, and homosexuals.

We’re so many years onward, but the world hasn’t learned.
Racism (Islamophobia, antisemitism, colorism), nationalism and far-right politics are on the rise. The 3 main parts of the Nazi ideology. They believed they were above all else, the exact same ideology of what we still see today…
And the disturbing fact is that the question is not whether it will happen again, but rather who will be next.
In Myanmar, Sudan, Syria, and Iraq, ethnic cleansings are still ongoing. Innocent people killed. And what for?

We can’t change the past, but we can change the present and make a better future. We shouldn’t just remember those who died during the Holocaust, but we should honor them by never ever letting it happen again…