It’s happened yet again, problems with Automattic, the company behind WordPress and the ad network that we used to use. They were also our video host, hence that all videos on both SnowCalmth and Calmth Music have gone private. This isn’t something we chose for, but something Automattic forced upon us. Regardless of this, it requires us to reupload all of our videos elsewhere. Speaking with the ones that make the Calmth Music blog possible, we have already received an offer to host our videos without further cost on one of their video platforms. We hope to update all of our content with these uploads in the near future.

It does have to be said that this situation is partly our own fault. We have made the choice to not extend our VideoPress subscription. The reason for this is finances. Over the past year, we have had so much trouble with Automattic that we haven’t received any ad revenue. The costs of this blog, SnowCalmth, has been mostly out of my own pocket, as well as some support of sponsors. I felt like extending the service with their provider wasn’t right after all the trouble they’ve caused. And also a possibility as Automattic promised both publicly and privately to not remove, nor privatize, videos that were already uploaded. As now can be seen, this promise doesn’t hold any merit and should be a warning for anyone who uses VideoPress to publish their video content.

Whether this has any impact on the availability of this blog, I will speculate that it will. This whole ordeal has left me really lacklustered. I’ve been going through a depressive episode over this past month or so, which is why my activity on all social media platforms disappeared. Needing to go through this just a day after feeling slightly better, it’s not something I really wish to. And it’s why I won’t be fighting or doing anything about it. If the lacking ads will cause this blog to permanently go down, then so be it. I haven’t felt like blogging in a long time already due to how Automattic has become nothing more than a bully as they’ve grown from a small business to corporation. It’s now too much about money, too little about client satisfaction. Like what we see with platforms like X, this isn’t something that can be kept to for a long time. And yet it’s becoming more and more common.

So, I have nothing really left to say, except for thank you to all of those who supported this blog in the past almost 10 years. I will leave this blog in the capable hands of my children. If things do not change, this blog will go dark in November. But even if things do change, I’m not going to return to blogging. So, for any future contact with my family, I would advice checking my daughter’s blog Sleepless Whispers and my sons’ blog Calmth Music. You’re always free to also follow any of my social media accounts, but don’t expect much activity. All the best to all readers, you’re all amazing.

Also, I wish to extend thanks to Sony, Universal Music Group, Trefl, Smyk, KPN, and PKN Orlen for keeping this blog’s lights on over the past years. And the ChildFund Alliance charities and ChildAid for giving me a mission in life. As well as the Council of Europe, Lumos, and UNICEF for being at times my target of criticism, but also being supportive of my plight. This blog would never have been possible without these organizations and companies, so thank you wholeheartedly. Keep up the good work and lots of love.