I am proud to be different

I’m autistic…

If that just made you gasp or anything, you are one of the people that makes the problem in “mental health problem”.

The list of locations I have lived at is longer than my age, even when you would express the list just by country…
Yet, those 15+ locations made something very clear, “The more rules a country has, the more problems they have regarding mental health”…
To take 2 easy examples that are easily comparable are Russia and Ukraine.
At Ukraine, I only had very few problems regarding my Autism, most would accept it, or wonder about it and just ignore it.
It is a different story at the locations I lived at, at Russia…
At Russia most often it is an actual mental health problem, I would get bullied and physically abused for the fact I was Autistic…
Even though it did happen at Ukraine as well, the times were a lot less.
And that was shown at every location I lived at, like now at Germany it is not that great either to be honest, however it is rather neutral, so not good or bad, in comparison with the other locations.

It is stupid people see Autism, and other psychological differences, as mental health problems, as they are not truly problems…
Like with anything in life, how you treat it, is the way you will experience it.
In my example, I like to see Autism as a good thing, as it has advantages, like I have the ability to remember everything, and then I actually mean every single thing…
While the other side of this is the fact I get overcrowded in my mind, it is an ability that most do not have and it can be extremely useful.
Obviously there are many bad sides I have of my Autism, but I do have good sides too, and people most often forget that…
As another example would be that I am horrible at social interaction, I am close to never the one who starts a conversation, and I can be misunderstood fast, yet, the other side of that is the fact I have extreme empathetic and compassionate feelings.
Not just to humans these feelings show, but in my example they show to other creatures of the world just as well.

The reason my favourite song is about cats is probably not without a reason, as that is one of the creatures I sort of have a personal connection with, cats.
At my adoptive home we have pets, my adoptive childrens-lives/">parents have a way of making sure all children have the ability to never be alone, by the usage of pets.
When I was adopted to this family at Germany, one of the first things we did was go to the animal shelter, this is where I saw a kitten.
The kitten was weak, a bit sad looking and by many people ignored for exactly that reason, as the personality was like me, held back and different.
This was the kitten I decided to adopt, and I can say now, that it was the best decision I ever made in my whole life.
She doesn’t deserve to be called a kitten any more, as she grew, grew in the most amazing way.
Right now when I get home of school, she is always there, coming to me (like most think only of dogs doing) right at the moment I step inside my home.
She is cuddly, playful and all but weak, the opposite people thought of her when she was just a bit younger.
That once little, weak and overlooked kitten, turned to my pride and joy in life.

That is exactly what parents should start to understand about people with differences in health.
Yes, it may look bad at first, and yes, there are hard times, but that doesn’t change the fact a child has potential to be great, no matter anything.
When I was younger, people thought I would achieve nothing, would always be at the orphanage and probably would end up at the streets where I would be until the end of my life…
Instead, I was adopted to Germany, have the most amazing adoptive parents and even more amazing adoptive siblings, I speak 6 languages fluently, top my classes and have a girlfriend most are jealous about.
I have already become more than anyone imagined, even though I have Autism that people see as mental health problem, and I am only 15 years old, meaning I have many more years to do so much more.

People shouldn’t look down on anyone that has any sort of difference, no matter if it is a health difference or any other difference, as it does not say anything else then that you are someone unable to see potential.
And who knows, maybe your child with extreme amount of differences, may become the one who will be able to create world peace…
Wouldn’t that be something you would love to see your child doing?
Trying to change him/her, “aborting” him/her or looking down upon him/her, might destroy YOUR child from ever doing so…

Owner of this blog. Ukrainian-born Jew of Polish and Russian descent and of Crimean Karaite heritage. Currently living in Poland. Generally impartial at politics. Political syncretist. Opinionated but willing to listen to anyone's opinion. Certified mastering of 51 languages. Works in service of Sony. Active in support of orphans, foundlings, and other children without parental care in Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Moldova, Poland and Kazakhstan. Supporter of adoption and foster care. Mentor of 9 children. Previous foundling who now has been adopted. Diagnosed with health and mental health issues, but not disabled. Has a great love for anime, gaming, and TV series. Philanthropist. Social pedagogy graduate.