Honesty, it seems such an easy concept, however, the reality is different.
When we look at what truly happens, many of us are not truly honest, not dishonest either, but rather staying in the middle.
Which is not that strange, as when we go through life, situations will develop every day, and sometimes dishonesty is the better option.
Eventually, honesty is not our first importance in life, although some may expect differently.

The easiest way of important dishonesty is actually when it comes to the internet.
As if I take myself as an example, some thing are better for me not to share.
Just think about it, what would you say if I would say that I am the parent of a child?
Seems weird, especially with the knowledge that I am only 16 years of age…
We may expect that a lot of people would think that it has to do with the current “culture” of youth pregnancy becoming something rather regular.
The reality is that it is not because of that, but it was actually my own choice, fully allowed due to the laws of Russia, and why I have left Ukraine for Russia.
And there is also the reason why I better shouldn’t have shared it, as I am certain there will be people judging me for it, including for the fact that I am supportive to Ukraine in the Russo-Ukrainian war, meaning possibly dishonesty would have been the better choice.
It is a hard one, and when I am honest, after my current honesty, I am scared for what people will think of me, which is the first of the common reasons of dishonesty.

Moving on to the second and third reasons, we would have to take a look at my recent social media activity.
As for those who are not aware, I have for a long time supported the Respect Yourself charity based in the United Kingdom, primarily for the fact it should be focused on people of my own age-group and positive messages.
Still, that support came to cease already about a quarter of a year ago, and as of a few days ago, I severed the ties with this charity completely.
For those who follow me on Facebook the reason is already known, as I ceased my support over the fact that those of my age-group are no longer reached by this charity, neither it is about positivity, but instead it became all about business messages and continuous retweets…
Which caused agitation within me, as the whole idea behind Respect Yourself was that it was about young persons, so those between the ages of about 12 to 17 years of age, according to British definitions.
However, the last nail in the coffin was when messages about terrorism got shared, in fact, messages that are known to have caused youth to fall into the hands of terrorists and destroy their lives by it.
The simple reality is that those messages share the truth, they share honesty, however, the reason to not share them is simple, as the consequences of this act tends to cause bad effects.
Which is the second reason to sometimes to be dishonest.
The third reason follows upon it, as if I don’t want to hurt the feelings of Claire, the one behind Respect Yourself, it would be better to choose dishonesty and not voice it out directly, but instead choose a more kind explanation, which eventually wouldn’t have been honest.
Well, in all honesty, I did choose for honesty, the simple reason for that is the most important reason to be honest, so the other is aware of your opinion and feelings.

Is honesty the answer? 1
My message to the Respect Yourself charity


There are many more reasons, and I probably could go on for a long time, but the message I want to share doesn’t need it.
As the message is the following:
We all wish to be honest all the time, and we expect others to do the same, but in reality, no one truly could, unless you are giving up on other values.
In reality, when we would be completely honest all the time, we would be still in the wrong, as we would need to give up on safety, kindness, compassion, and several other values in life.
Safety on the internet as simplest of examples is completely impossible for children and youth when we would be honest, and it generally requires us to defy our parents, as most will proclaim that honesty is extremely important.
Eventually, anything we share could cause problems, like our age, our location, our names, telephone numbers, and anything else personal.
Leaving with just one simple fact, which is that honesty may be important in a lot of situations, but saying it is a life’s value, that is not technically able to be justified, simply for the fact that honesty would leave us open and exposed to danger and conflict when we would choose to ban dishonesty from our lives…