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It’s a lonely fight indeed…

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When I say the name Eduard Dolinsky, many people will already know what I am going to voice. As it’s no secret, I dislike him a lot. And not because he is Jewish, as he attempts to claim to be the heart of all other Ukrainians but him, even though there are many other Ukrainian Jews, including me.
No, the reason for me disliking him is that he spreads propaganda and is a supporter of antisemitism in a more dangerous way than many are aware of.

It hasn’t been long since Haaretz, an Israeli Newspaper, released an article called: “Meet the Lonely Ukrainian Jew Fighting His Country’s New Fondness for Nazis”
It’s an article by Sam Sokol in name of The Forward, an American newspaper, which glorifies Dolinsky as a supposed fighter of antisemitism here in Ukraine, going as far as stating that he apparently is the only one who is fighting it. (Statement based on the name of the article.)
It takes focus on some important parts, like Dolinsky being well-connected with news agencies in Israel, like Jewish Telegraphic Agency and The Jerusalem Post.
How he is connected to People’s Deputy of Ukraine Oleksandr Feldman, the one actually leading the Ukrainian Jewish Committee.
And how Dolinsky is basically published by any newspaper for having those connections.
But, apart of those 3 things, the article doesn’t say anything really, as it basically states that Dolinsky’s nemesis is Volodymyr Viatrovych, and how Dolinsky thinks of Viatrovych. After that there is not much before the article comes to an abrupt end. No true explanation why Dolinsky is supposedly fighting the antisemitism alone here in Ukraine, and neither why we supposedly have a love for Nazis here in Ukraine. (The article itself states Nazi collaborators, and not actually Nazis, as the name of the article suggests)

That’s something which continues as we look back in time regarding Dolinsky’s media presence, a continues lack of evidence of his claims, apart of some of the more obvious ones.
Like his opposition of Stepan Bandera, a name with a lot of controversy and which causes a lot of segregation within Ukraine.
While Dolinsky claims the supporters of Bandera are “Nazis”, there is no true evidence to solidify this claim. The so-called proof of his claims are a few photos with protesting people, with, in some cases, some people being apparently neo-Nazis. No, not everyone on the photo, generally 1, 2, or 3 among many others.
And it is not just me who has problems with Dolinsky’s claims, as several news agencies don’t state anything about Ukrainians being supporters of Nazis. Which even includes the Kremlin’s news agency TASS, which earlier this month stated it all by using these words: “Nazi collaborator Bandera” and “Ukrainian nationalists”. Yes, even the newspaper of the government of Russia – an enemy of Ukraine – states it correctly, while Dolinsky tries to use disinformation to share his propaganda.
As Bandera is said to have been a Nazi collaborator. However, that comes with the note that he actually never joined the Nazis’ fight against Jewish people, quite the opposite even.
As Polish-Jewish historian Filip Friedman has previously noted: the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, under the leadership of Bandera, sheltered and protected Jewish people from the Nazis.
Besides, let us also not forget that it was ordered by the Nazis to liquidate those of Bandera Movement, as document O14-USSR of the Nuremberg trials proves. Source:
Yes, there were Bandera followers who killed Jewish people. Yes, the Bandera movement did support the Nazis with killing Jews. But let’s take a moment to notice the fact that it was a war, and that this happened in every country that was invaded by the Nazis. Do people really want me to name the notable examples of the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, and Norway?
If we would cause a controversy about every bad act people are connected to, then we would be busy quite a long time. Let’s not forget about the many wars that are ongoing right at this moment while you are reading this. Those have been started by people who live right now, where is the controversy about that?
Bandera is a name which will cause segregation here in Ukraine for a lot longer, but mixing him into discussions about supposed antisemitism here in Ukraine today is quite ignorant. Bandera was against Russians, Germans, and Poles…

…But, to be honest, that would be the point of Dolinsky if he would be honest, isn’t it? Bandera was against Poles, and Dolinsky was born to Polish parents in the – to quote Sam Sokol’s article – “former Polish city of Lutsk”. It has nothing to do with Jews and antisemitism, it is all about his Polish heritage and Bandera’s hatred of it. At least, that is what it seems to be about while adding facts to it all. This idea is strengthened by this quote of Dolinsky in Sam Sokol’s article:

First of all, you were born here, you were raised here, your son was born here, your parents are buried here, so all your heritage and legacy is here and this is the country of your language and your friends and family. You can play a role here. I can be much more effective in life and in my professional activities here than anywhere abroad,

Take note specifically of this part: “this is the country of your language and your friends and family.”
Like I said already, Dolinsky’s family is Polish, which is part 1.
However, Dolinsky also doesn’t actually use the Ukrainian language anywhere from what I have noticed, he doesn’t even write the names of cities using the Ukrainian spelling, shown by him using the Russian spelling of “Kiev” instead of the Ukrainian “Kyiv”. (Just do a quick Google search of any of Dolinsky’s own articles to see what I mean.)
That comes combined with Russian not being an official language of Ukraine, only Ukrainian is.
The country of his language would be Russia, and the country of his family would be Poland. At least, that is if he didn’t lie…

And besides of Bandera, not much remains. It is primarily some graffiti and speech that happens, which is all but unique. After all, in many European cities there are hateful texts painted with graffiti. And there are more than enough examples of antisemitic texts being shouted across the world. It’s all about the attention you give it. Which is exactly why I said Dolinsky is actually a supporter of antisemitism. As what he does by focusing the attention on those small and easily forgettable happenings, is creating unneeded anger, and eventually hate.
By his acts, he could create segregation, and more than that, the hatred of Jews that he claims most Ukrainians would have.
And whether this might be by choice or by accident is debatable. I can only state that things about Dolinsky are fishy. As besides of his media presence, there is only his social media presence. And when it comes to that I can be simple, as I actually asked him why his account looked very much like a bot account…

As Sam Sokol’s article states, Dolinksy is fighting a lonely fight, and I believe that fight will remain lonely.
Even if there ever will be evidence of Dolinsky’s claims, which currently is not there, there is so much more to this than people like Sokol take note of.
As while this is supposedly a fight against antisemitism, a fight against racism, there is also racism caused by this fight. As currently every Ukrainian is said to be neo-Nazi by people like Dolinsky, as Sam Sokol’s article actually proves. Even though current estimates state that Ukraine has somewhere around the 88 thousand Jews(0,2% of Ukraine, not 0,1%).
And as I know Dolinsky will never answer this, I have to ask people like Sokol – those who spread the word of Dolinsky – why they are giving a platform to the spread of hatred themselves. A fight against hatred shouldn’t create hatred, right..?
As even after this supposed fight would end, it is likely it will only have created more hatred than it would have resolved…



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