“You should be strong, fast, smart, beautiful”…
Should you really?
The answer is easy, it is a big “no”.

Nowadays everyone should fit a certain image, males should be some kind of weird strong image and females an image of beauty…
The thing is, no one actually is that way.
All those images are nowadays made of something people see as perfection, perfection being a personal thing, not general.
And that is where the world messes up, as they often see perfection as a general thing.

If I would need to explain myself, I am a young person with interests that equals those of adults, that is who I am.
Yet, the part no one thinks of, is that it is not weird, as in the end, no one is the same, so I am just a normal person.
The ones who are not normal are the ones who try to fit those images set by society, instead of being themselves.
And well, those body images people set, they are actually only able to get by editing photos, as that always in fact happens with modelling photos.
We are too often thinking not about our own opinions of ourselves, but those of others…

However, it does not even stop there.
Nationality is to many an extremely important part of whom we are.
People however forget that nationality is like winning at a lottery, it is random and chances of getting what you want are extremely low.
As I am for example a Polish-Ukrainian-Russian, as I am living at Russia, was born at Ukraine, to a Polish mother, and a Russian father.
If it was not for a badly planned trip to Ukraine, I would never even have been Ukrainian, yet, I am.
And even more important, if I was not born at Ukraine, I can actually say with 100% certainty that I was not who I am today.
People often forget that you are made by experiences, and the things I have experienced are mostly not experienced in the same way anywhere else at the world.
Yet, because of those experiences, I am who I am today, which is someone who has a massive interest in every piece of information available…

Still, even there it does not stop, crazy right?
Languages, they are important as well when it comes to whom you are.
I speak more than 20 languages, of which 9 I speak fluently, without native speakers even noticing that it are not my first languages.
More than 20 languages, what does it even say about me? That I am crazy?
The answer to that is a “possibly”, as I dedicate massive amounts of time to improve my languages, which is all but hard with the internet, as there are always native speakers who are willing to help you out.
Yet, apart from that it should say nothing at all, as I do not change personality when I change language, so it is actually of no importance.
Still, when I use any other language than the ones people speak, they instantly think I talk bad about them.
However, instead I use other languages in certain situations because it is more respectful…
Yes, more respectful, as not everyone is the same, so while your language can be easy to you, it can be different to another person.

We could go on forever, as those examples roll on forever, as we are not as accepting as we try to act to the outside world.
It all ends up at the same, which is that nothing and everything makes you different of others.
We always have reasons to not accept others, as we even accept others less for whether they are male or female, but also as silly as for people’s age.
Humans are what we call ourselves, and that is just a word, just like every single other example you could think of.
Excuses, that is what we actually speak out, not just the part that is important, that you do not accept another person.
And you know what? It is not bad you do not accept others, the part where it gets bad are those silly excuses, like nationality, languages, age, gender and those many other examples.
Be honest if you really need to be, and move on, as you are not that other person either way, so neither of you should care that you do not accept the other.

We only need to fit one image, which is who we are already.
You could improve yourself, but that altered image is not better or worse, it is just another image.
We need to look only at whom we are right now, that is the importance in life, not how others are, as that is not the image you need to be.
When you were born, you got the image shaped already, and throughout life you will move through the different phases of that image.
Accept that image you have got, enjoy who you are and let those others talk, as they are not you, so if they have problems, that is theirs to face.