Written in honor of the Day of Remembrance for Victims of Katyn Massacre.

In the woods of Katyn, a tragic tale unfolds,
A massacre so heinous, stories yet untold.
Men in uniform, with hearts full of dread,
Bound and blindfolded, awaiting their deathbed.

The year was forty, the war in full swing,
Poland’s fate uncertain, a darkening thing.
Soviet hands extended, in friendship they claimed,
But deceit and betrayal, their true intentions aimed.

Thousands of Polish soldiers, prisoners of war,
Taken by the Soviets, to be seen no more.
Shot in cold blood, their bodies concealed,
In mass graves hidden, their fate unrevealed.

Families left grieving, with hearts torn apart,
Searching for answers, with hope in their heart.
But the truth was silenced, by political might,
The Katyn massacre, shrouded in night.

Decades passed, the world moved on,
But Katyn’s wounds, still painfully drawn.
The memory of the fallen, never to fade,
Their sacrifice remembered, in a solemn parade.

Today we stand, with heads held high,
Honoring the victims, who were forced to die.
Their legacy lives on, in our hearts and minds,
Their story a reminder, of how evil blinds.

In the woods of Katyn, a somber memorial stands,
A testament to history, etched in these lands.
We remember the fallen, their lives unjustly taken,
May their souls find peace, in a world not forsaken.

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