The crushing part of kindness & happiness

It’s an ideal to many, being kind and happy. However, for many who truly are both, these are not long-lasting.
The problem not being themselves, but the societal norms of today. In today’s society, it’s much more accepted to leave others alone, complain about everything, be depressed, speak out about whatever you feel like and want others to always be silent, but most of all, being unkind and unhappy.

I have personal experience with this by my former activity on the Twitter social media platform. Honestly, it’s still my most preferred platform due to the ability to get to speak to those who don’t share your own opinion, those who live far away and just everyone else not close to you. In comparison, on Facebook you will usually only see those who confirm whatever you believe is true about the world. If you’re interested in right-wing politics, that’s what you see. If you’re interested in charity, that’s what you’ll see. And the same counts for everything else. Which is not just the case for Facebook, also YouTube is well-known for this twisted way of distorting society. Algorithms which are all focused on letting people stay on the websites as long as possible, but not on what the world actually needs. It’s all about the money. And, sure, that’s undeniably also the case for Twitter, especially confirmed by the incredible ease to block others on Twitter. Use an application and you could even block thousands of accounts within just a few minutes. The difference with YouTube and Facebook being that you still see things that don’t confirm your world’s view if you choose to follow the accounts on Twitter, while YouTube and Facebook just clean them away from your view even when messages and videos are shared by your friends, your follows and your subscriptions. Why think for yourself when you can let Facebook and YouTube do it for you, right..?

Beside of me personally, my son Vladislav experienced just the same. He’s a very positive boy, always trying to cheer people up with an unprecedented amount of happiness and kindness. Even to those he really dislikes, he tries to be kind. That being said, he recently reached his limit and broke down completely. He has a great love for an online game and he plays it with much joy and vigor. And most of the time, it’s nothing more than joy. But that being said, as he has to deal with real people, the opposite happens too. He plays this game together with his girlfriend and his godfather, allowing extra safety based on his age. They protect him, and he also protects them at times. They play with a few others, primarily based in Germany, Russia and the Netherlands. Most of them adults, so bullying isn’t really what you would expect. But yet, that’s exactly what he experiences quite some times. Just recently he got a very personal attack made towards him by an adult from Rostock, Germany. In an instant, his feelings got crushed and his happiness was gone. While trying to protect himself, he became exactly as how most of society is today, unkind and unhappy. And the worst part many people don’t realize, the adult that attacked him was not some loner, but instead a high-placed individual with great ties in his local community who used this to others to make it seems like Vladislav was the problem in the situation, and not himself. In response, he faced even more bullying and attacks…
The question I want to ask is, who’s safety is more important today, that of a child of an adult?
There’s already an answer to this, as it’s the adult. As when adults get into problems, they hide behind laws, they use money, and their problems often disappear. What this leads to is the worst part of today’s society…

As in response to the bullying and attacks, combined with another situation, he tried to take his own life – suicide. The COVID situation had led him into depression already and the bullying was the final straw. Luckily he failed in his attempt and realized his mistake. However, the impact remains unchanged. As a parent, it scarred me as well. And those who attacked and bullied? Well, that depends. The main problematic person has tried to improve himself and made many apologies. Same for 1 other of the attackers. But 1 of them, an adult female from the Netherlands, mother of 2 children, has only continued her attack, leading to my son Vladislav having fully blocked her everywhere and discontinued his usage of Facebook. Yes, he was bullied away from the Facebook social media platform as the female even reached out to his friends and some of our family members after he blocked her there. Several reports to Facebook were made, but Facebook did nothing. Even now the profile of this female still remains on Facebook…

I’ve always been proud of both my sons, this remains unchanged after the act of Vladislav. He’s trying to regain his kindness and happiness again, but whether it returns? Doubtful.
In today’s world, kindness and happiness are unaccepted. Be truly kind and you’re seen as fake. Be really happy and you’re said to not understand the world. And when I’m honest, those who are fake and don’t understand the world are those who go around attacking and bullying others. When you can’t accept yourself, it doesn’t mean you have to take the acceptance away of others. Nobody is perfect, but those who are kind and share happiness are special in a good way. However, if things don’t change, all those who are this way are crushed into the broken ways of today’s society. It’s time to take away the power of information and money, and instead start focusing on living good lives instead. Let those who share kindness and happiness lead the way, and not those who take it away.

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