The Calmth of the Snow

Сбор средств на лечение онкогематологических больных в СПбГМУ

List of conflicts of song: Hier drüben im Graben


List at end:

Second Boer War
Russian invasion of Manchuria
British invasion of Tibet
Herero and Namaqua genocide
Russo-Japanese War
Maji Maji Rebellion
Second Rif War
Mexican revolution
Italian-Turkish war
Balkan war
First World War
Russian Civil War
Latvian independence war
Hungarian-Romanian war
Polish-Lithuanian war
Irish War of Independence
Turkish-Armenian war
Polish-Soviet war
Greco-Turkish War
Third Rif War
Irish Civil War
Cristero War
Japanese invasion of Manchuria
Leticia War
Chaco War
Austrian Civil War
Saudi–Yemeni War
Second Italo-Ethiopian War
Spanish Revolution of 1936
Second Sino-Japanese War
Battles of Khalkhin Gol
Slovak–Hungarian War
Ecuadorian–Peruvian War
Second World War
Pacific War
Greek Civil War
First Indochina War
First Kashmir War
Internal conflict in Myanmar
Korean war
Algerian War
First Sudanese Civil War
Suez Crisis
Ifni War
First Laotian Civil War
Guatemalan Civil War
Bay of Pigs Invasion
Shifta War
Sand War
Second Laotian Civil War
Operation Dragon Rouge and Operation Dragon Noir
Vietnam war
Second Kashmir War
Nigerian Civil War
Six-Day War
Football War
Jordanian civil war of September 1970 (Black September)
Cambodian Civil War
Bangladesh Liberation War
Yom Kippur War
Turkish invasion of Cyprus
Ethiopian Civil War
Lebanese Civil War
Angolan Civil War
Libyan–Egyptian War
Ogaden War
Mozambican Civil War
Uganda–Tanzania War
Sino-Vietnamese War
Soviet–Afghan War
Iran–Iraq War
Falklands War
1982 Lebanon War
American invasion of Grenada
Second Sudanese Civil War
Agacher Strip War
Lord’s Resistance Army insurgency
Somali Civil War
United States invasion of Panama
Afghan Civil War
Liberian Civil War
Gulf War
Yugoslav Wars (Ten-Day War, Bosnian War & Croat–Bosniak War)
Croatian War of Independence
Sierra Leone Civil War
Transnistria War
Tajikistani Civil War
First Chechen War
Sri Lankan Civil War
Second Republic of the Congo Civil War
Eritrean–Ethiopian War
Kargil War
Kosovo War
Guinea-Bissau Civil War
Second Chechen War
War in Afghanistan
First Ivorian Civil War
(American) invasion of Iraq 2003 – Iraq war
Houthi insurgency in Yemen
Chadian Civil War
2006 Lebanon War
Mexican Drug War
Sri Lankan Civil War
Russo-Georgian War
Al-Qaeda insurgency in Yemen
first Libyan Civil War
Syrian Civil War
Northern Mali conflict
second Libyan Civil War
War in Ukraine (Also: War in Donbass, Ukrainian Conflict, Russo-Ukrainian War, Russian-Ukrainian War)



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