Even if you’re the only peaceful voice amid thousands screaming for violence, there is no reason to change your voice.

The light in the darkness is what moves change. It’s generally not the masses who are righteous, honorable, and justified. It’s the loner who dares to speak when everyone else remains silent. And the one who remains silent when everyone else is speaking.

Most are blind to reality, unknowingly choosing to not see, keeping their eyes closed. It’s religion that shows this better than anything else. It shows the lacking understanding humanity has about life. We are all followers of the right principles, but what we lack is the understanding to achieve what’s taught. We say amen but don’t follow the words we preach. Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Yazidism, Sikhism, Hinduism, Buddhism… Every religion teaches the importance of peace and prosperity. It’s spoken but not heard.

One day, our lives are over. There’s not much which could remain, except for our lessons, our acts and words, that which we bring across to the future generations. For hundreds… no, thousands of years humanity has taught the descendants the cruelty of war, instead of the harmony of peace. It may seem like a dream, but the possibility of serenity and clarity becoming reality is still there.

Just like a spark creates a fire, a seed grows into a tree, and a larva becomes a beautiful butterfly, so could one’s choice of a better life become something greater. Harmony, peace, prosperity, and serenity. It has always been there. It’s within our reach. The question is, when will the time come that the loner’s dream overtakes the masses’ broken reality?