Why do people always look weird when they notice I am able to cook?
Cooking is one of the most important life skills, so learning it young, that should be an importance to everyone.
Sadly however, it is not that important to most parents.
Therefore many young persons do not know how to do any cooking at all!

Myself, I am a Vegan, this restricts me.
While I am a vegan, this is not because I care too much for creatures.
The circle of life shows that eating other creatures is not wrong, it is what almost all creatures at this world do.
The reason why I do, is because I am very allergy-prone.

What many do not realize is that allergies are there in more ways then just food.
While I am allergic to a lot of food, like meat and fish, or things as crazy as black pepper, strawberries, bananas and most teas, they are not what are that annoying. Those that are annoying to me are my allergies to perfumes, talc, heat and sunlight… It is that which also makes me not like summers at all.

Yet, with the many things I am unable to eat, I still love cooking.
The thing is, making a decent meal should never be a challenge, as it is not like you are entering a cooking challenge as a regular person, those are the chefs. Making your own meal, that is not that much of a problem to me, making a meal for every family member every day, that would be.
That is to me why it should be an importance to learn cooking young, as either you are a family, or you are alone, but you can not use others to do everything for you.

Often I cook for my adoptive family.
It takes the pressure of my adoptive father or adoptive sister, they are often the ones who cook here. Maybe that is why I love cooking a lot: by the fact my adoptive father does the cooking most often.
Probably my cooking is bland, as I can not eat most foods, which makes me unknown to quite some tastes.
But that should in the end not be important, as you cook to eat, that is what a regular person should focus at, not the tastes.
My adoptive family never complained, only gave me tips to improve.

We are not all cooks, which means we do not need to make the perfect meals.
As that is the art of cooking, not the regular one we practice to stay alive.
However, the basic knowledge of cooking and also practicing is important.
Whether you are male or female, it is a lifeskill.
And a lifeskill is something everyone should practice, no matter gender or anything else.