In the realm of hearts, where emotions reside,
A force so potent, impossible to hide.
Love, the essence, the core of our being,
A dance of souls, in harmony convening.

From Plato’s wisdom and Rumi’s embrace,
To Shakespeare’s sonnets, love leaves its trace.
A tapestry woven, threads from all lands,
Uniting us gently, in unbreakable bands.

In whispers of wind, the sighs of the trees,
Love’s melody lingers, a soft-spoken tease.
In the depths of our hearts, its fire burns bright,
Guiding us through darkness, a beacon of light.

Love transcends borders, it knows no divide,
It speaks to our spirit, a language inside.
Through ages and epochs, it endures and thrives,
The heartbeat of life, as long as it strives.

In this ode to love, let us celebrate,
The power that binds us, a force innate.
Embrace its beauty, its wisdom untold,
For love is the story that never grows old.

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