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[Lyrics + Translation] Мария Мирова – Колыбельная (Lullaby)

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I am really tired, so I rather wouldn’t have done anything at all for today anymore.
However, as it’s just 30 minutes, and was requested by a friend, I kind of couldn’t avoid it.
Do note, because of my own tiredness, don’t expect too much of the English translation…

Oh, and like with my previous Kids of the Apocalypse transcription, one part of the lyrics has been marked with a question mark.
I honestly don’t know what is intended to be said at this part, but either I am hearing it wrong, she sang it wrong, or the sound is messed up, as while Russian is my first language, it doesn’t sound right, hence choosing a question mark over filling in what is logical to be said, as I honestly don’t hear that being said. The logical translation was used when it comes to the English translation.

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Original Russian Lyrics

Закрывайте дверь на крючок,
Серенький приходит волчок.
Сладко спит медведь в берлоге,
Леший бродит по дороге.
Мы не пустим их на порог.
Засыпай, мой зайка милый.
Спи и набирайся силы.
Закрывайте дверь на крючок.

На печи уснул домовой,
Котик наш вернулся домой.
Целый день гуляли ножки.
[?] Ты устал немножко.
Глазки поскорее закрой.

Тихо-тихо стало дома.
Под подушкой дремлет дрёма.
На печи уснул домовой.

Тихо глазки закрывай.
Пусть тебе приснится сон.
На сто четырнадцать персон.
Где ты вырастешь, малыш,
Выше дома, выше крыш,
Пока ты спишь.

Не ложися на краю.
Пусть к тебе придёт дружок
Да поиграет во рожок.
А из дудочки из той
Ты услышишь голос мой,
Пока ты спишь.

Котя, Котя, Коготок,
Котя – серенький лобок.
Приди, Котя, ночевать
Да нашу деточку качать.
Ай, ты, соня, зайка мой.
Скоро вырастешь большой.
И от мамы убежишь,
Пока, пока ты спишь.

English Translation

Close the door on the hook,
Gray comes to the top.
The bear sleeps sweetly in the den,
Leshy wanders along the road.
We will not let them enter the doorstep.
Fall asleep, my sweet little hare.
Sleep and gain strength.
Close the door on the hook.

A brownie fell asleep on the stove,
Our cat returned home.
The whole day walked the legs.
After a day, you are now tired.
Close your eyes as soon as possible.

Quietly it came home.
Underneath the pillow is sleeping.
The stove fell asleep on the stove.

Hushaby – hush, hush, hush.
Quietly close your eyes.
Have a nice dream
About one hundred and fourteen people.
Where will you grow up, baby,
Above the house, above the roofs,
While you are sleeping.

Hush, Little Baby, hush,
Do not go to the edge.
Let a friend come to you
Yes, play the horn.
And from the pipe
You will hear my voice,
While you are sleeping.

Cat, cat, claw,
Gray-haired cat.
Come, cat, spend the night
Yes, my child, sway.
Ah, you, sleepyhead, my bunny.
Soon you will grow big.
And run away from your mother,
While you’re asleep.



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