We live in a society where violence is so very common. With claims of child-friendly content, it’s stigmatized. But at the very same time, many children have to face struggles like domestic violence either directly or indirectly. It has to end. Less stigma, less anger, less violence, more solutions.

Note: Statistics and phone number stated in the video are applicable to the United States of America.

Subtitled music video


My mommy and daddy are having a fight.
He’s hurting mommy.
We’re gonna send the police.
We’re in this together.
No! We’re not ***ing in this together.
This isn’t a dream.
Woke up to screams.
Mommy and daddy are fighting again.
It’s intense.
Daddy is stressed.
Glass on the floor.
The room is a mess.
Moving his hand.
He’s gripping her neck.
Clenching her fist.
She’s hitting his chest.
Closing my eyes.
I wish that I’d left.
I can’t even breathe.
I am trying my best.
Screaming for help.
I’m only 12.
There’s no way I could do it myself.
There’s no way to assist my sister.
They woke up my sister.
The plates are falling off the shelf.
Both of us standing shock.
Both of us trying to get him to stop.
I run to the phone.
I left her alone while I am proceeding to dial the cops.
Hurry! Please, it’s an emergency.
Are you alone? Is there a burglary?
No! Daddy is hurting our mom!
Okay. Remain on the line.
Stay calm.
Saying they’d arrive in a minute.
Daddy is looking at her with a twisted look in his eyes.
Looking at her cry.
From the looks of it, I think mommy is finished.
She grabbed a knife off the kitchen counter, clenching her grip and refusing to cower.
Struck and then hit him with all of her power.
Knew that her kids couldn’t make it without her.
Daddy fell.
Scared as hell, mommy doesn’t know what to do.
Let him go. Check his pulse.
Daddy looks uncomfortable.
I saw her eyes, look surprised.
Still she cannot move. She’s in shock.
Here are the cops. They come rushing in the room.
Put the weapon down.
Put the weapon down.
Daddy isn’t breathing, lying on the ground.
Weapons drawn, point at our mom.
She is panicking.
Trying to keep her calm.
What to do?
What to do?
Mommy doesn’t have a clue.
In a panic, try to move.
Trigger pull.
The police shoot!
Mom and dad are on the floor.
Cops are racing around the room.
They tell us both to hold on tight.
They said it would be over soon.

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