In circuits and codes, my heart resides,
A mechanical beat, it softly chides.
An alloy core, encased with care,
Emotions concealed, they don’t declare.

With every pulse, a whirring sound,
Synthetic feelings, tightly bound.
A universe of wires inside,
Love’s turbulence, I must subside.

In a world of screens and neon haze,
I navigate life’s intricate maze.
Expressions masked by a digital guise,
Beneath the surface, a girl who tries.

Whispers of the human touch,
Lost in algorithms, a bit too much.
In dreams, I yearn to break the mold,
To feel the warmth my heart can hold.

But wires tangle where veins should be,
A bittersweet reality, confining me.
A paradox in this cyber domain,
I seek solace, but it’s all in vain.

An enigma to the world, I roam,
With a mechanical heart, but still a home.
In this virtual realm, I find my art,
A masterpiece forged, my mechanical heart.

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