Within the realm of ink and paper,
Where dreams collide and thoughts taper,
A symphony of verses takes flight,
As I navigate this journey, day and night.

In shades of blue and hues of gold,
My thoughts unfold, untamed and bold.
Like a wildflower amidst the storm,
I find solace in this poetic form.

In whispered secrets and silent screams,
I etch my soul in these written streams.
A mosaic of hopes and fears entwined,
With each line penned, a piece of me defined.

Through metaphors, my heart takes flight,
Exploring realms of darkness and light.
In rhyme and rhythm, I find my voice,
An anthem for the ones who have no choice.

Behind each word, a yearning to be heard,
To bridge the gap between heart and word.
In this chaotic world, where voices fray,
My poetry whispers what I can’t convey.

Within these pages, I carve my name,
A testament to my burning flame.
For in these words, I truly find,
The essence of me, unconfined.

So let these verses dance upon the page,
A testament to youth, unburdened by age.
In ink-stained reflections, I’ll remain,
A soul embracing growth, free from any chain.

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