There might be some mistakes in grammar and spelling. I wrote this while experiencing migraine right at this moment. I will correct possible mistakes, if any, at a future moment.

A symphony of pain conducts within my skull,
A relentless storm that leaves me feeling dull.
A tempest of throbbing, relentless and severe,
A migraine’s presence that I can’t help but fear.

Each beat of my heart echoes in my head,
Pulsating and pounding, a chorus of dread.
Drums of agony reverberate and pound,
Creating a melody that has me tightly bound.

The sunlight pierces through my fragile eyes,
Like shards of glass, a torment I despise.
Every sound, a thunderous clash in my ears,
Sending shockwaves of anguish and tears.

My temples ache, as if in a vice they’re clenched,
A gripping sensation that will not be quenched.
Words stumble and falter on my parched tongue,
Lost in the labyrinth where my thoughts have sprung.

In solitude, I seek refuge from the noise,
Finding solace in silence, my only choice.
A sanctuary where I can slowly mend,
Hoping this agony will soon come to an end.

But amidst the pain, a flicker of hope prevails,
A reminder that this, too, shall soon unveil.
With patience and care, I’ll weather this storm,
Embracing the calm when my head’s no longer warm.

For headaches may come, and headaches may go,
But my spirit persists, its strength continues to grow.
In the depths of discomfort, resilience I find,
A testament to the power of the human mind.

So, I’ll endure this migraine, though it’s hard to bear,
Knowing that relief is lurking somewhere.
And as I emerge from this symphony of pain,
I’ll cherish each moment of respite I regain.

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