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Jasmine Sokko – Tired

Jasmine Sokko – Tired

It’s much more than just the sound why I made the choice of this as the song of the week. A beautiful C-pop song by the Singaporean artist Jasmine Sokko. As for the subject, that is the main part why I love this song. It’s a known fact about me.

My top 10 music tracks of 2019

My top 10 music tracks of 2019

10. Mass of Man – Victims (USA) 9. YelloPain ft. Jen Miller – Last Time (USA) 8. Nothing More – Fade In / Fade Out (USA) 7. Poets of the Fall – The Sweet Escape (Finland) 6. Wind Rose – Diggy Diggy Hole (Italy) 5. Smash Into Pieces – Arcadia.

Smash Into Pieces – EGO [With Subtitles]

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