My answers to 111 random questions

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A friend sent me these 111 random questions, which I have answered. It’s probably a good way to learn some things about me that you previously didn’t know.
Some of the questions have typos. I haven’t fixed those for authenticity. (Neither my own, to be honest…)

1) What’s your full name? – Vadim Dmitrievich Dovganyuk
2) What’s your ethnicity/ancestry? – I’m of a mixed Polish, Russian, and Ottoman/Turkish ancestry. And of a mixed Crimean Karaite, Crimean Tatar(Turkic), Krymchak, Polish, and Jewish ethnicity. (No, I am not an ethnic Ukrainian.)
3) What’s your favourite colour? – White, aqua, or very light blue
4) Do you have any pets? – Yep! 2 cats and 2 dogs.
5) Where are you from? – I was born in Zaporizhia, a city in Ukraine. I currently live in Dnipro, also in Ukraine.
6) Where did you grow up? – Many locations? The longest times I have lived in Donetsk, Leipzig, Moscow, and Dnipro
7) Do you have a girlfriend? – Yes, I do.
8) Do you have a cherished childhood teddybear? – Yes, I actually do.
9) Are you a good dancer? – Don’t think so.
10) Are you a good singer? – No.
11) Are you a good cook? – Not really. I use recipes from a friend’s blog. I am great at following instruction. 😛
12) Are you a good listener? – Depends. Most often I am. But I can’t deny some people bore me. As long as I have to listen to a child or elderly person, I have no problems.
13) Are you a good public speaker? – No! Most certainly not.
14) Are you a good babysitter? – Yes, according to others I am.
15) Are you a good mechanic? – I can fix a motorcycle. Does that count?
16) Are you a good diplomat? – Possibly. I have been complimented by Elad Ratson(Israeli diplomat) for my reasoning skills.
17) Are you a good employee? – No.
18) Are you a good dresser? – Can’t deny that this is a no.
19) Are you a good lover? – You have to ask my girlfriend.
20) Are you a good writer? – I hate my own writing. However, others generally like my writing. So, choose the answer to that yourself.
21) Can you tap dance? – Yes, I actually can.
22) What types of holidays do you prefer? – Lazy holidays.
23) What’s the furthest you’ve ever been on holiday? – In regards to an actual holiday, it would be to Mongolia.
24) What was your favourite holiday? – A holiday to north Sweden when I was young.
25) What’s your favourite foreign country? – Either Armenia, Azerbaijan, or Uzbekistan.
26) What’s your favourite zoo animal? – Polecat.
27) What’s your favourite sport? – Boxing.
28) What’s your favourite film? – Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close
29) What’s your favourite song? – My Indigo by Dutch artist Sharon den Adel.
30) What’s your favourite TV program? – Killjoys
31) What’s your favourite band? – Poets of the Fall, a band from Finland
32) Do you want children? – When I am older, yes.
33) Are you religious? – Yes. I am adherent to Karaite Judaism.
34) Do you like reality TV programs? – No.
35) Do you like TV talent shows? – Yes, I do. I actually even re-watch some talents via YouTube and Facebook.
36) Do you prefer local or foreign TV programs? – Foreign.
37) Have you ever been admitted to hospital? – Yes, multiple times.
38) Have you ever had any brushes with the law? – Yes, I have. However, nowadays I am actually friends with my local police.
39) Have you ever been on TV? – Yes, I actually have been.
40) Have you ever met any celebrities? – Yes, several. Not that hard for me, though. One of my previous friends at school is nowadays a celebrity. And one of my uncles is too. And I even work with them, so urrr, yeah…
41) Do you prefer baths or showers? – Showers
42) Do you prefer towel drying, blow drying or natural dryin your hair? – Towel
43) If you could live anywhere, where would that be? – Somewhere cold.
44) Would you like to be a big celebrity? – No, I wouldn’t.
45) What type of music do you like? – Pretty much anything. But I do prefer new age music beyond anything else.
46) Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets? – Sunsets
47) Do you like scary movies? – No!
48) What’s your favourite Milkshake flavour? – Chocolate.
49) Have you ever been in a newspaper? – Yep!
50) Have you ever fired a gun? – Yes, I have. More than once. That’s all I am going to say…
51) Have you ever tried archery? – Yes, but I was really bad at it.
52) What’s your favourite condiment? – Soy sauce
53) What football team do you support? – Shakhtar Donetsk
54) What’s the longest you’ve gone without sleep? – 3 days.
55) Do you have any scars? – Yes.
56) What did you want to be when you grew up? – Famous figure skater
57) If you could change anything about yourself what would it be? – Probably the fact that I am very fragile emotionally. Although, that could change my personality… So I am not certain.
58) Are you reliable? – Generally, yes.
59) Are you proud of yourself? – No.
60) Have you ever had a secret admirer? – Yes.
61) Do you hold grudges? – Actually, yes.
62) If you could breed two animals together to defy the laws of nature what new animal would you create? – I wouldn’t want to.
63) Are you a good liar? – The exact opposite.
64) Are you a good judge of character? – Yes, I am. When I don’t trust someone, it always means something is wrong. There have been no exceptions.
65) Can you iceskate? – Yes, I can!
66) What’s your favourite TV advert? – This one from Singapore:

67) If your parents hated the person you currently loved would you ditch her or carry on with her despite the protests? – Carry on. You can’t choose who you love. And you shouldn’t give up on love.
68) Do you have a strong local accent? – Sent me a message via social media for a sample of my voice. You can judge for yourself.
69) What’s your favourite saying? – “Kindness is not an act. It is a lifestyle.”
70) Are you scared of spiders? – Yes.
71) Have you ever been banned from a public place? – Does online count? If so, yes. Twitter and YouTube.
72) If you could learn any language fluently what would it be? – Welsh, because it is the only language I was truly unable to learn.
73) Which foreign country do you dislike the most? – It’s common knowledge that it’s the USA. Just because of the politics, though. The USA has many kind residents.
74) Do you like your music loud or easy listening? – Easy listening
75) Do you like poetry? – Love it!
76) Whats your most used word? – “Honestly”
77) Who’s your favourite Comedian? – Zelensky? 😛 Sorry, I just had to. No, in all honesty, my favourite comedian is Andy Samberg
78) What animal would you most like to have as a pet? – A ferret, which is a domesticated polecat.
79) If you could bankrupt one person or company who would it be? – Access Industries.
80) Do you believe the Governments hide technology and information from the public? – Yes, as I literally know this is true by my time at the previous Russian Ministry of Education and Science.
81) Which is your favourite pokemon? – I have always loved Mew.
82) Are you good at keeping secrets? – You will never know! 😛 – Yes, I am.
83) Have you ever milked a cow? – Yes. Also goats. 😉
84) Whats your favourite sportsware brand? – Adidas. Yes, I am stereotypical at that one.
84) Who’s your favourite Superhero?Batman
85) Who’s your favourite Villain/Baddie? – Rachel in the TV series Orphan Black
86) Have you ever raised money for charity? – Technically, I constantly do so by blogging.
87) Which do you prefer ponytails or pigtails? – pigtails
88) Do you still have any music on vinyl or casettes? – Yes, I have lots of music on vinyl! Better than CDs, let alone digital.
89) Approximately how many Albums do you have? – 644 😐
90) Have you ever given blood? – Yes, I have.
91) How many valentines cards did you recieve this year? – 28 😐
92) Have you ever been to a gym? – Yes. My family owns one.
93) Have you ever cried at a film? – Yes, many times.
94) Whats your favourite disney movie? – Fantasia 2000, The Fox and the Hound, A Bug’s Life – In that order
95) Have you ever sworn at an authority figure? – Yes, I have.
96) What was your favourite school subject? – P.E.
97) What was your least favourite school subject?Math
98) Which was your favourite science? Biology, Physics or Chemistry? – Biology.
99) Have you ever ridden a motorcycle? – Yes, I literally own one.
100) Have you ever contemplated sueing someone? – I have actually sued someone, so, yes.
101) Do you have a lawyer? – Yes, more than one actually.
102) Do you think babies are little bundles of joy or smelly noisey things? – Both? Little bundles of joy first, though.
103) Are you allergic to anything? – Yes, a lot of things, like meat and cow’s milk.
104) Are you the sort to step in and try to break up a fight? – Yes. I have actually done that a few times.
105) Is there anything about the opposite sex you just don’t understand or comprehend? – The need for makeup. I have literally never seen any girl or women who truly needs it.
106) Is it acceptable or unacceptable to smack a child as form of discipline? – Unacceptable!
107) Teenage parents, good bad or indifferent? – Indifferent. I think most teenage parents are unprepared. But I know from personal experience that when you are prepared, it can work out perfectly.
108) If you were to join an emergency service which would it be? – The specialised search and rescue services
109) How many languages do you speak? – Believe it currently is 54?
110) If you were exiled what country would you choose as your new home? – Probably India.
111) How did you get your name? – My first and last name were chosen by the nurse who looked after me when I was abandoned by my biological parents. The patronym(second name) is actually based on the name of my biological father.
It’s not without a reason why the work by ChildAid in regards to abandoned babies means so much to me. The fact that they support a nurse who does the same as a nurse did for me, is something I respect beyond what is able to be expressed in words.
Owner of this blog. Ukrainian-born Jew of Polish and Russian descent and of Crimean Karaite heritage. Currently living in Poland. Generally impartial at politics. Political syncretist. Opinionated but willing to listen to anyone's opinion. Certified mastering of 51 languages. Works in service of Sony. Active in support of orphans, foundlings, and other children without parental care in Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Moldova, Poland and Kazakhstan. Supporter of adoption and foster care. Mentor of 9 children. Previous foundling who now has been adopted. Diagnosed with health and mental health issues, but not disabled. Has a great love for anime, gaming, and TV series. Philanthropist. Social pedagogy graduate.