Hello and welcome to my blog! I’m absolutely thrilled to be writing my first blog post here. While I’m no stranger to the world of blogging, this marks my first venture into the realm of personal blogging. Previously, I was part of the blogging team at “Calmth Music,” where we specialized in subtitling and translating music videos. It’s been a rewarding experience, but I’ve been yearning for a more personal touch, which brings us to this moment.

In my everyday life, I’m a dancer, mainly into ballroom dance, with a touch of ballet. Sadly, dancing is often pigeonholed as something just for girls, but I believe it’s high time to break those stereotypes. That’s precisely why I chose the name for this blog. While dancing will certainly be a central theme here, I also plan to open up about my personal life, including tidbits about my family. If you’re curious to learn more about my family right away, you can check out my dad’s blog, “SnowCalmth,” or my sister’s blog, “Sleepless Whispers.”

For now, I’ll keep it short and sweet. I hope you’ll enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy writing them. Thanks for joining me on this exciting new blogging adventure!

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