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Most translations on this page were imported from a backup of my personal YouTube account.
Because of this the quality may vary, eventually, the translations were done over a period of about 2 years.
Also, some previous translations may still be missing at the time of reading this.

I am licensed through Dutch organization(s) Buma/Stemra in regards to ALL music videos shared below. On top of that, there are legal agreements made and signed with SME, UMG, and WMG. If you are a copyright holder and wish to confirm that I have the required licenses, please use the form on the contact page of this blog.

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I hope you’ll enjoy the translations.

English translations

All titles that were not in the Latin script have been translated to English because of format reasons. List is NOT in alphabetical order.


Aferdita Demaku & Kreshnik – Tungjatjeta Shqiptari


Safa Bashir – You and me

Sama Osama & Lama Osama – Two girls and their toys (Title as requested by copyright holder)


Para-D Ft. Kami-Kazi, Rivelino & Ghetto-Saint – Samira Kom Terug (WARNING! Mature subject!)


Nassi – La vie est belle


Blutengel – Kinder dieser Stadt

Eisblume – Wunderkind

Eisblume – Schlaflied

Joachim Witt – Lebe dein leben

Leichtmatrose ft. Joachim Witt – Hier drüben im Graben

Mono Inc. & Joachim Witt – Kein Weg Zu Weit

Marteria – Kids (2 Finger an den Kopf)

Kinder Der Sterne (Blutengel Version)

Kinder Der Sterne (Meinhard Version)


Omer Karasin – Kapish


Karakat Abildina – Come, come here, my baby


IMPORTANT: Although the songs are translated from the Russian language, it doesn’t necessarily mean they were originally from Russia. Currently it also includes content by Estonians, Ukrainians, and Armenians. As I do not support any form of discrimination, I have not specified the countries. However, I do believe it should be noted.


Alexander Martsinkevich & Group “Кабриолет” – Guardian Angel

Alisa Kozhikina – I’m not a toy

Alisa ft. Kamil – Friends

Alisa Troshenkova – Snowflakes

Alisa Troshenkova – School

Ani Lorak – In a dream

Anton Markus – Status

Arcash – Father and Mother

ERRI – Sister

Elya Chavez – You’re with me, I’m with you

H1GH – Feint

I’DOLLS – Peace will come

Jah-far – Two souls

iN3BAND – Mom

SLOGON DRIVE ft. T.W.I.N.S. – Step by Step

Maria Rubanovskaya – Stop The War

Karina Vestova and Diana Kozakiewicz – Prayer for Peace

Anfisa Semina – Boat

Anfisa Semina – We are going to dance!

Anfisa Semina – You will be my sunshine

Children’s choir “Giant” – Robot Bronislav

Ilya Gurov – Mother

Bahh Tee – The lights went out in the metropolis

Anastasia Cheshegorova & Indigo – Music

Anastasia Cheshegorova – Snowflakes

Indigo – My father plays hockey

Anastasia Cheshegorova & Indigo – Dad

Anastasia Cheshegorova – Cold

Indigo – Childhood

Indigo – Summer

Indigo – Grandfather

Indigo – Grandmother

Indigo – My Angel

Indigo – I want a little brother or sister

Indigo – The Tale of a Princess (Translation by my adoptive sister Valeria)

Anastasia Cheshegorova & Indigo – Autumn

Maria Mirova – A free bird

Indigo – Russian Beauties

Indigo – Mom

Social Videos

Why did you leave me, Mom

Short film – Forget it!


Liya Shamsina – Native Land


Alican – Yar Olur Mu


Mother Ukraine

Anastasia Prikhodko – Wings

A-VIA – Go ahead, kill me!


Bahrom Nazarov – Yetimlar

Sardor Rahimxon – Dunyoni bering bolajonlarga

Russian Translations

All songs below are translated towards the Russian language.
No separation of origin language because of the lack of translations at this moment.

Nobuo Uematsu(Нобуо Уэмацу) – Dragonsong (From “Final Fantasy XIV”)

Nobuo Uematsu(Нобуо Уэмацу) – Answers (From “Final Fantasy XIV”)

Alisa Troshenkova – I am not your princess

German Translations

All songs below are translated towards the German language.
No separation of origin language because of the lack of translations at this moment.

Elya Chavez – Du bist bei mir, ich bin bei dir

Frequently asked questions

    • Are you an official translator?
      I am following a study in translating through the Omsk State University. However, all translations have been verified to be correct by certified translators.
    • I noticed a typo, how can I let you know?
      I am aware that some of my translations have typos, mistakes, and irregularities. There is no need to let me know. Almost always it already has been brought to my attention, I just haven’t had the time to correct, or I have chosen to not correct them myself.
    • Some of your translations are missing dots, why is that?
      One of my greatest troubles when it comes to the English language is when I should be using commas and dots. To not affect the translations that I did too much, I decided to take away the dots in my more recent translations, this to avoid that some of them becoming hard to read. Apart of that, in some of the translations I pressed the comma button on my keyboard while I wanted to type a dot… Let’s just say that is even more confusing.
    • Are you native to the English language? If not, which language are you native to?
      I am not native to the English language. I was born (and raised) in South-Eastern Ukraine and am native to the Russian language.
    • A part of a video is not translated, how can I let you know?
      That certainly was not my intention to happen! I would appreciate it if you could let me know through either one of my social media profiles or the contact page. If you don’t know how to find them, press the “menu” button at the top left of this page. After contacting me, this will be fixed as fast as I possibly can. Thank you in advance for your attention.