In the city’s heart where neon gleams,
I wander through my vivid dreams.
A technicolor world aglow,
Where fantasies and wonders grow.

Electric lights paint the midnight sky,
A mesmerizing dance, oh my, oh my!
Reflections shimmer on rain-soaked streets,
Where imagination and reality meet.

Through bustling crowds, I find my way,
In the neon glow, I long to stay.
A tapestry of dreams unfurls,
In a universe of endless swirls.

I chase illusions of the night,
In neon’s kiss, my soul takes flight.
Whispers of the future speak,
As the city hums, alive and sleek.

Amongst the stars that paint the town,
I cast away my earthly frown.
In neon dreams, I’m not alone,
A vibrant realm I can call my own.

A symphony of colors I embrace,
In this electric, effervescent space.
The city’s pulse becomes my own,
In neon dreams, I have grown.

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