When we talk about war and conflict, we all think it is bad, but the reasoning is often not understood fully.
Often people say they want it to stop because of the sadness and the deaths, however, like anyone who actually experienced war and conflict knows, there is also extreme fear you experience when you were once living in the conflict/war zone, actually more than you will actually experience sadness, as that comes when things are over…

It is often said Orphans all want a family…
It is however more that we want to experience love, which is not shown at most orphanages.
As when you once again were sent back because of a “failed adoption”, family becomes a word without a true meaning.
Many (previous) orphans who grow adult will also have called the period without a family the better parts…

Euthanasia is forbidden at most of the world.
The taking of your own life may seem like a bad thing, but Euthanasia is not the same as suicide.
My half-sister is blind and need to be forever in a wheelchair, life is all but normally liveable that way.
She has thought about euthanasia as life is not the same life as we know it…
Her decision was to not do so, however, there are people who do want to go through, it should be their choice, not the government’s.

We can go on with examples for ages, but 1 thing remains:
“If you never experienced it, you can not say you understand.”

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