I am sad to have to confirm that Vadim is among those who currently are infected with the COVID-19 (2019-nCoV) virus. Because of this, the SnowCalmth blog will not be updated until he has recovered.
There is not much more that can be said as he was aware that the chances were there for him to eventually get infected because of the work he does.

Let this be a warning for anyone who doesn’t take the current situation seriously.
Just because you take the proper precautions doesn’t mean you will not get infected. Of course, hygiene will lessen the chances. But the fact is also that we should always enact proper hygiene practices regardless of the coronavirus situation. And even beyond this is the simple fact that it is about lessening chances, not completely eradicating them.

Another important reminder is the fact that children are not immune! Vadim is very young himself and did get infected, and so did many other young persons and children. He had taken the proper precautions to prevent infection of his son even if he got infected himself. And, at this moment, his son is indeed not infected and not near Vadim either. Still, that doesn’t mean everyone has taken the proper precautions, or are even enacting the correct practices to prevent spread of the coronavirus. In many neighbourhoods around the world children are still playing outside, which is not a problem in itself. However, even children should take care of their hygiene and keep distance of other people. Take note of the fact that it is people and not just adults. Just because for certain children and youth the symptoms are different, doesn’t mean it’s for all, and neither that they are in fact safe because of it.

Be safe, stay at home, and try to remain healthy.
If you need information about the virus, check out the websites of the World Health Organization and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.