We probably have all experienced it at least once or twice, getting added at social media, or just generally meeting someone online, and having the worries that someone is lying about their identity.
Though this happens to us all, there are easy ways to get a pretty good idea of people being real, or it being a fake profile.


  • Use Google/Yandex/Bing to search their name – Real people should have results show up regardless if they like it or not.
    IMPORTANT: Search results are not to be taken seriously on itself however, as one of my friends shows up at even government websites, the United Nations website, and other important websites, even though there is no connection between this person and these political parties. There just should be results that connect to the person.
  • Search for other social media profiles – Generally people are active at at-least 2 social media platforms


  • Check VK profile
  • Chances of Russians not having a VK profile is extremely unlikely between the ages of ~10 and ~30, the chances are less when it comes to other Russian speaking countries.
    Also, Russians without Russian friends is bizarre to say the least, it is the easy way of confirming someone is not being honest about who they are.
    If the above solutions are not enough to you, check the amount of friends, in case of less than 100 friends you might want to also message friends to verify reality of them being actual friends.
    Also it is important to check family, some people have it showing at their profile, some others have it visible at their friend list.
    Regardless if someone has it openly stated who their family is, you could check their friends list and confirm it yourself with a bit of intelligence…
    It is important to note that not everyone has their family members openly visible, neither all their family members listed as their family members, hence the recommended checking yourself, as while it might look like someone has only 1 sister, or 1 brother, checking friend lists may show differently.

These methods are only recommended when you truly are unable to judge if you can trust someone, this because of you breaking the other person’s right to privacy..
The first category is called “Non-Europe” as when you live at European countries you are able to hide your information at Google, Bing, and Yandex…

This will be updated over time to create a full list to help verifying identities, and is therefore a work-in-progress.