Not so different after all

Unless you live in the USA, Canada, or Western Europe, you probably are aware of that ancient old bias, how citizens of Western Europe and Northern America seem to believe they set the standard of the world, and basically everyone else is weird…
Well, obviously we are not weird, but that is how we are often portrayed by countries in that area. And being someone with a connection to Russia, that only makes it worse.
Sure, I do support Ukraine, and am very clear about being against the way Russian politics are, but that is to most beyond the point…
That probably comes from the outdated information some still believe that Ukraine is part of another country, something that hasn’t been the case since 1991 when we gained independence of the Soviet Union.
In fact, Ukraine is factually the one who is older than Russia, which makes it only more sad how many don’t have a clue about our histories and just speak a lot of nonsense.
However, in all honesty, we are talking about a part of the world that follows the USA, the country with a president that has a slogan of a 5 year old who was asked on the spot in front of a classroom about what he would do as president; “I would make America great again, because America has to be the great-es-est again”…

Now, obviously, we are not truly that different.
As an example, I could name friends from all over the world that like the music of “Five Finger Death Punch”, just like I do, which is one of those bands that quite instantly screams “USA” at you, even though those who did some research notice the parts of Canada and Hungary of the artists…
And it’s not us who drive on the wrong side of the road, that are primarily the British, one of the countries among Western Europe, as well as several commonwealth countries
No, in reality, whether you live in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Northern America, Latin and South America, Africa, Asia, or Oceania, you always care for basically the same.
As we all care for having a good life, which is the top priority of almost everyone of us.
It’s not like you cross the border from Germany(Western Europe) to Poland(Eastern Europe) and suddenly you feel like you moved to a complete different world…
Even beyond that, in case you wouldn’t state the fact that you are from another location, it is quite often not even truly important to others.

In my own specific case, among the locations I have lived for a more extensive amount of time are the German city of Leipzig, the Dutch city of Hoorn, and the Swedish city of Gothenburg.
When it comes to those 3 locations, only in Sweden I got truly noted for the fact that I was a foreigner, and never in a negative way, but always in a positive way.
For the other 2 locations, the reality is quite simple, in the Dutch city I got noted only once for the fact that I was not a full-fledged Dutch resident, and that was not by someone who was completely Dutch either, it was some who migrated from Wales to The Netherlands just a few years earlier. In the German city I never got noted about it, and neither ever noticed someone talking behind my back, which also could have been the case.
The reason for this is quite simple, as I discovered in conversations later on, which is the fact that I at least tried to speak their language… Sure, with quite a lot of mistakes at that time, but good luck speaking the horribly difficult languages of Dutch at the age of 10, and the German language at the age of 15, and that while your native tongue is Russian and didnĀ“t even fully comprehend the Ukrainian language, even though that should have been my native language according to linguists, at that time.
Okay, okay… The not fully comprehending the Ukrainian language also has to do with slacking on my part, as I did go to the school at the Ukrainian Donetsk that is/was known very well for taking the Ukrainian language and culture as top importance… Err… How did I end up supporting Ukraine over Russia again? =P

Anyhow, my point is simple.
If you live in the region of Northern America and Western Europe, please, start realizing of what you are speaking out to the world.
It is great you criticize everyone outside your own little area, but if you do that, be honest to us and open to the fact that we will lash back at you in time.
As that’s among the reasons why I will always speak out my hatred of a person like Trump more than anything else, because my attention constantly get pointed to doing so.
After all, being a citizen of Ukraine, I won’t stand being seen as just the same as a country like Russia.
Not just because of the fact that our histories are completely different, but also for the simple fact that Ukraine and Russia are enemies.
And just in case you have the question why I as Ukrainian support Russian orphans…
Well, that is simple. Most Ukrainians, just like me, care for the people around us, for us all to have it good. And in my specific case, just because many Russians themselves don’t care enough about their own residents, doesn’t mean I don’t care. I believe in a good world for us all, which includes the children of Russia.

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