In every rustle of leaves and whispering wind,
In the forest’s heart, where the sun rays are pinned,
There exists a love, pure and unspinned,
The love for creatures, with us, life twinned.

Feathers, fur, scales, and skin,
Diverse in form, yet kin within,
In their eyes, a world unseen begins,
A love for animals, deep under our skin.

The bird that sings at the break of day,
The deer that through the green woods stray,
Each creature in its own unique way,
Sparks a love, in colors beyond gray.

The lion’s roar, the elephant’s trumpet,
The dolphin’s dance, no chance to upset,
Their voices, a melody we’ll never forget,
A love for animals, in our hearts is set.

In their gaze, wisdom of ages is stored,
In their silence, a language universally explored,
To love them is to understand and afford,
The beauty of life, in harmony restored.

From the smallest ant to the towering giraffe,
Each life is a story, filled with joy and chaff,
To love them is to honor life’s staff,
A symphony played on nature’s behalf.

As the moon gives way to the morning’s glow,
The love for animals in our hearts does grow,
In every river’s gush and mountain’s snow,
Echoes this love, in every ebb and flow.

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