The developed world, the dreams of some, the pride of others, however, in some cases, the vision of disgust.
This includes myself, I do not see the so-called developed world as some future of the undeveloped world, rather something that should be avoided…

Let me explain why this is my own opinion.
The first part of this is explainable by just one word, egotism.
There are many examples of egotism, but the obvious ones are politicians, specifically those who stand against immigration.
When it comes to this, many are keeping the explanation why immigration is important to just subjects regarding humans, but the plain and simple fact is that the lands are not ours…
The whole world started without borders, we created them, as nations showed off power and might; the bigger, the stronger.
Eventually, however, it shouldn’t matter, as wherever the borders are, we live in this world with many other animals, as yes, we are just one part of the massive animal kingdom.
Our borders are excuses to fight, to kill, yet like money, an invention of us humans, it only shows how we care only for ourselves…
Sadly, those who are stronger, mightier, richer, and more important according to the “General Society” only show they have lost the ways of life, and stand hand in hand with the grim reaper, with death, as their ways are not that of spreading life, but rather of moving others into the ways of deviation and condemnation.

To stick closely to egotism, the second words are arrogance and ignorance.
2 words that won’t need a lot of explaining either, as they connect to one single word, which is democracy.
Democracy is something I have written about quite sometimes before, so what I am going to say should be all but surprising.
The simple thing is, democracy should mean that the power is in the hands of the people, but when we look at reality, it is in the hands of governments.
Now a lot see the current way of democracy as the opposite of dictatorship, even though it isn’t, as we may choose our governments, they still have the ultimate power, not us, the people.
One of the most obvious ways we see this is by groups like Wikileaks, those who need to expose the secrets of governments, while governments have responsibility to us, and shouldn’t keep secrets in the first place.
Yet, while we are aware of this, we choose to not change our ways, and whatever reason anyone could give for this doesn’t matter, the fact remains that we ignore it.
However, those who are honest about this all will be criticised, bullied, and eventually even pushed to exclusion, and also death, as to us these exposers of secrets, truth seekers, are the ones who are doing wrong, even though in reality, only those who lied in the first place are…

Still, the examples go on for a long time, like we should have an abundance of riches, yet the majority live in poverty,
Health is a huge importance, but when it comes to truly investing in it, we don’t, unless of course, it comes to jobs like surgeons, forgetting that without those working at orphanages, charities, supermarkets, farms, and many more examples, the world would fall apart, yet, at these jobs the payments are low, or even non-existent.
The fact is that if we would take care of our bodies, jobs like surgeons and doctors would be less needed.
That if we wouldn’t take the importance of having borders, there would be no need for armies fighting on foreign grounds, just police to keep us safe from terrorists.
But even more to the point, no president, kings, queens, chancellors, and anything alike, if we just cared for the world, instead of just our own.

It is all these things combined that make me unable to see the developed world as actually developed.
As a talk a few days ago with a Canadian friend also yet again made very clear to me, to whom I made the disturbing statement that I liked my life better before I was adopted.
And that is still my opinion now, even though it is a very disturbing statement, as it means I actually was happier living in poverty and exclusion, than in a life with basically the availability of everything.
Which has to do with the fact that we have not become more connected, the developed world is fully disconnected instead, it only goes unnoticed by our faked ways of being connected.
The simple fact of being able to buy new followers at social media, and the majority of people also doing so, already makes clear.
Yet, even with those we call our online friends, we tend to not truly connect, we rather seek connection when our hearts are in need of it.
And I focus on online as the offline world, the actual real world is slowly moving away from being reality, and technology is taking over everything.
Those so-called advantages like virtual reality once again make clear that we are becoming more disconnected over time.

Still, while reading this, you probably will think, that if I cared so much about it, I should just stop using the internet.
But like I just tried to make clear, that is in today’s world becoming impossible.
Those who are truly living life are being excluded, banned from “our existence”, forced by politicians into a life of disarray and death, by unneeded wars and conflict.
Our choice isn’t how we want to live life, it is just if we want to live life, or at least, it is for those who, like me, want to live a life based on the values of togetherness, instead of being the actual loner, the loners who today live in packs…