This page is written in third-person and plural perspective because this applies to all who help me with this blog, and not just me, Vadim, alone. However, this does not apply to the partners and sponsors of this blog.

Although our website hosts and publicly shares material influenced by politics, which often could be understood in several ways, we do most often hold impartial stances at politics.

We do not deny our connections to the Ukrainian UKROP, the Dutch D66, as well as the Dutch GroenLinks, and the German Pirate Party.

Also, we undeniably hold social far-left and economic centre-left political views. We specifically believe in a socialist-capitalist hybrid in regards to our economic system, which gives everyone within a country a minimum income required to get the basic needs everyone requires, like food and water, while those who work get extra income based on their job, performance, skill, and length of employment. Basically, those who work can afford luxuries, while those who don’t work always have their basic needs. There aren’t enough jobs already, so the need for such system will be there in the future regardless, especially once more and more will be automated.

That being said, we do choose to adhere to syncretic politics. We believe only together we can have a working political system.

We believe in a form of democracy closer to direct democracy. And we oppose the false sense of democracy which is known as representative democracy, which currently reigns in our world. The people should hold direct power to deny choices made and actions taken by our representatives when the majority opposes our representatives.

To us, war is one of the world’s greatest political crimes. An illness made by politicians who only care about themselves and not the people. We believe warmongering politicians should be removed from power, either wilfully or by force.

“Нет такой идеи, которая стоила бы слёз наших детей! Не допустим войны!”
(There is no belief that’s worth the tears of our children! Never allow war!)

Among our beliefs is also that in no circumstance children should be affected in any negative way by politics. This includes the children of politicians. After all, they are not their parents.
We will oppose any person, group, party, organisation, company, state, and/or alliance which harms children in any possible way.
Also, we actively support disadvantaged children in countries which some may say are our enemies. A notable example would be Russia. It’s no secret that we actively support orphans and other disadvantaged children within the Russian Federation, just like we do here in Ukraine.

Personal note: Most know I volunteered at children’s home in Russia after being adopted to there, and before moving back to Ukraine. And as anyone who has worked with (disadvantaged) children should know, once a child is able to reach your heart, your mind will never forget, and you will always try to support him, her, or them.

Possibly a bit less political to some, but we also oppose both nuclear weapons and nuclear power. We believe examples like Chornobyl(Rus: Chernobyl) and Fukushima are great examples of the threat nuclear energy brings to our world. And we doubt we need to explain why we oppose nuclear weapons. We are, also, supportive to the Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation’s Mayors for Peace 2020 Vision Campaign.

Kraftwerk’s remix of their own song Radioactivity/Radioaktivität as performed at No Nukes 2012 in Tokyo Japan.
Brought through licensing of Warner Music Group.

But beyond all, we believe our vision is our vision.
Just because we believe something, doesn’t mean we think you need to believe it, nor follow it.
Honestly, our differences is what makes the world work out.
Whatever happens, we believe you should be who you are.
If you need to oppose us, feel free to do so.
Just don’t be hateful, please.