To provide certain services, we use alternate servers, apart of our main host server based in the Kyiv Oblast of Ukraine.
The alternate servers are used primarily for load balancing.

At the moment of writing this disclaimer, the 30th of May 2019, we use the services of CloudFlare for load balancing and security purposes.
Apart of CloudFlare, we also use servers provided by and through partners in Romania(MagicNet Hosting), the Netherlands(KPN International), France(OVH), Poland(HosTeam s.c. and OVH Poland), Ukraine(Besthosting and MiroHost/Imena), Lithuania(Hostens), Armenia(, Kazakhstan(, and the United States(Namecheap, Inc.) to load balance the self-hosted video content we provide.

Although our best efforts are made to ensure our content is always available, it may happen that political blocks and large amounts of traffic result in content being (temporarily) unavailable.
Most often checking back after a few minutes resolves the problem. However, if the problem lingers, or you just are impatient, please use the form found at the bottom of this page to send us a message so we can provide you with a personal link to the content, without possibility of unavailability.

IMPORTANT: Don’t use the contact page for the above stated purpose! The messages submitted through the form below are redirected to one of our 3 webmasters and will be responded to within 3 hours of you submitting the form. The contact page, however, has a turnaround time of about 72 hours!

Note: The reason for asking your location has to do with choosing the closest server we own to provide the content. It’s not necessary to state your country. You may also choose to answer this with your continent(Europe, South America, North America, Asia, Africa, or Oceania) or even “worldwide”/”international”. If you do this, we will randomly choose among our servers closest to, or in, the area.

If you receive a personal URL, please confirm the domain is among the list of the URLs we state to own below. This way you can ensure your own cyber-safety. Please be aware that in certain situations we use websites provided by Sony and Vivendi to host our content. You will automatically redirected to the correct page through our URLs when this happens.

The domains we own(apart of the current domain):