With several former Twitter suspensions, which all have been reversed, and undeniably increasingly worsening Twitter terms and rules, I have decided to make this page as a response to Twitter as a way to prevent any unnecessary suspension. The list is based on factual Twitter rules and terms as of the 18th of April 2022, based on the time in Szczecin, Poland. And this page is written by Vadim.


  1. In relation to the multiple account rules, my son and I have decided to both use my personal account for our use cases of Twitter. This is due the current state of Twitter’s terms and rules providing to little specific information about family use cases. As previously shown with one of my suspensions, Twitter lacks the ability to differentiate people through any sort of means. Even though this is surely possible through ways like comparing writing (grammar and spelling), as well as IPv6 and computer information. This problem is on Twitter’s side of things, as they still don’t support IPv6 at the time of writing, as a clear example of things. Even my blog does, while we have a team of less than 10 people working on it, mostly behind the scenes.
    This might be a good quote from an employee of Meta in relation to this:
    Our Twitter Practices 1
    And for clarity, Meta’s Facebook are used by both me and my eldest son, as can be seen in the sidebar of this blog, as well as Meta’s Instagram being used by myself, my wife and both my eldest son and my daughter. This all without any problem, which Twitter would neither have if it would just disable the views of likes and retweets. If they did this, they wouldn’t need these messy and unclear rules and terms to begin with.
  2. On my Twitter account, primarily @childaidrr, @eirliani and @greennomad61 are retweeted. This is not due to any sort of agreement, although admittingly I am a younger ambassador of ChildAid, as is shown on their website. The other 2 named are simply close friends of mine. The reality is that this has more to do with trust issues, caused by Twitter’s way of running their platform. Although Twitter clearly says it is forbidden, there are still those who only follow for follow backs and unfollow right after, as well as requesting retweets and likes, often while later abandoning me completely. It’s something I have experienced with British charity Orphans in Need, as a notable example. Only asked me for marketing, but unfollowed me after I didn’t want to retweet their Islamic tweets. I am not a Muslim and some Islamic Tweets are simply not fitting to my beliefs. Nowadays they have a verified account and everything, regardless of how many times they broke Twitter’s rules.
    Also, for clarity, I similarly don’t always retweet the religious Tweets of ChildAid. Often times that it does happen, this is done by my eldest son, as he is Christian, unlike me.
  3. Coming in a way back to what is already said in point 1, I always use a VPN or other means to hide my real IP and location. This has in parts to do with Twitter’s clearly showing a lack of understanding of today’s technology. And beyond that, a distrust in Twitter when it comes to privacy sensitive information. It’s why I never really share photos on Twitter. Anyhow, as Twitter actually forbids adding fake locations to your Twitter profile, I will clearly state that my real location is as said on my Twitter profile, meaning Szczecin in Poland.
  4. I retweet more often than I send out tweets. As this can be seen as breaking Twitter’s rules, I will be very clear that this has to do with my own disabilities and fears. Like I have a fear of failure, hence why I often criticize my own writing and think it’s bad, regardless of people saying difference. And due to specifically my autism, I have a severe fear of being misunderstood on Twitter. Which has happened many times before. And as we have had this conversation during a previous suspension before, Twitter knows I don’t automate or do anything which actually goes against Twitter’s terms and rules. I just regard what others write as more important than what I would write myself.
  5. Twitter already knows this, as does anyone who has read my blog, I always write using a pseudonym. My privacy is very important to me. In parts due to previous threats I have received, as well as my children.
  6. I may at times retweet or like something which might be part of a like or retweet train. This is not due to me being part of such thing. I am well-aware this is forbidden. I just choose to retweet and like things which I happen to like. Hashtags are often overlooked by me.

    More will be added at a future date.