“This 4 year old speaks 7 languages fluently”
“This child speaks out against Trump”

These are just 2 examples of how very young children are having their lives destroyed by their own parents.
And yet, that are the noticed 2 ways of the recent days, and not examples of how lives are destroyed in a regular way.
Not forgetting to mention that the first is about a girl at Moscow, where it is actually quite uncommon for the rich children not to be able to speak multiple languages fluently, while the also huge poor part of Moscow gets forgotten by most, and instead could point you to a fact, that if you are actually learning your children to speak that many languages, it is highly doubtful they will actually use all of them, it is rather about popularity.
As yes, I do speak many languages myself, over 40 at this moment, yet I eventually actually use 4 of them in general, which are Russian, English, German and French, which Spanish would be added to if I knew it better than I do, but apart of that, I do not even need the other languages, as almost the whole world does, in fact, have the ability to speak English.

Yet, the point behind this all is one thing, the thing I spoke out before, popularity.
The same we see spreading quickly at Instagram, where girls as young as 4 years of age have indeed become sexualized…
Yes, while many parents seem to ignore it, the fact that most of these pages are filled with comments of mostly males is not without a reason.
Yet, these parents ignore the scary part of it, which is that it is not about males commenting, which would be both boys and men, but that often boys, so below the age of majority, are not commenting at all, but instead it is men, men who should all carry the word pedophile…
It is a disturbing thing, yet fully ignored, which in fact a child will have to carry with them for the rest of their lives, as it is not as easy as pressing the delete button…

The forgotten part of the internet by those who need to protect us, are “downloaders”.
When it comes to broader discussion of downloaders, they are the reason why copyright will never work either way, and no, I do not include torrenting, newsgroups, and related software as downloaders.
Instead, I mean downloaders like the Instagram mass downloaders, the YouTube downloaders, and the many others.
However, in the technological world, they are actually known as something more specific, “scrapers”.
This software could easily get the texts of thousands of tweets within just a few seconds, download a full website with images, videos and everything else included, or get information of thousands of search results…
Things like downloading a channel of youtube videos, a full instagram profile, or all tweets of a Twitter profile, is a piece of cake, as those examples are tiny when it comes to this software.
In just a recent test of my own, I could download 98012 images within a minute of Instagram, 529 videos of YouTube and over 500 thousand Tweets of Twitter…
(The test was done with an unmodified Asus VivoPC and a download speed of about 500 Mb/s, according to Ookla SpeedTest.)
When we are honest copyright should be removed as human right, as there is no privacy, but most of all, everything you share is never gone, just because of these scrapers, so you could say that something is copyrighted, but it doesn’t truly matter in the long run either way, people will continue to break copyright forever, and because of it making the whole right useless.

I could say a lot more, which includes that I am more disgusted by what I see coming by at Instagram’s of parents then of actual accounts managed by children, that there is a clear difference in safety when it comes to rich and poor, where the poor are safer, but why should I?
In fact, it is just plain insane that parents are unable to notice this in the first place!
And no, it is not just about the profiles of parents of girls, but in fact also when it comes to boys, as I have seen profiles of parents of boys that made me wonder whether I should actually be calling the police myself to save children.
For crying out loud, children are living creatures, not some kind of clothing!
Maybe it is time for politicians to start enacting laws that forbid sexualizing children and putting jail punishment as the way of enacting this…
But maybe that brings us to the most important question of all, how many parents would be left outside of jail when this does happen?

Please, parents, you’re responsible for the care of your child(ren), so stop showing off your children, and focus on caring…