Artist: Peter Gundry
Song: A Heart Without Colour
Album: Don’t Wake Me Just Yet
Released: 2017
Country: Australia

Personal note: Song of the day of either the 25th or 26th of January, depending on how you look at it. Ever since my YouTube boycott, Peter Gundry’s music has been missing from my social media timelines, even though he has been one of my top 10 artists for a long time. With similar artists like Jeremy Soule and David Clavijo also being among the top 10, and who are still quite regularly featured on my Twitter timeline… Well, they kinda both follow me on Twitter, so that helps, quite obviously… It felt kind of sad to not be able to feature an amazing artist like Peter Gundry. Glad to legally be able to share this song here now. Thank you to Peter Gundry!