This is a recurring topic for me, as I often encounter feminists who seem to lack an understanding of the reality of the world. They advocate for improved support for girls in schools, yet the actual issue lies in the educational lag experienced by boys. The area where girls face challenges is gaining access to education.

These are simple facts that could be easily verified through a quick internet search. However, this highlights a prevalent issue in today’s society—people often speak without first seeking the truth. There is a considerable lack of comprehension regarding the importance of listening rather than passing judgment.

As a girl, I find myself strongly opposed to feminists who, in their pursuit of equality, ironically support inequality. What we truly need is better circumstances for everyone, regardless of their background. The root of the problem lies in this lack of understanding, coupled with a significant amount of ego, which has become a major issue in our society today.


In a world where dreams take flight,
Where equality shines, pure and bright,
Let me weave a tale of a wondrous sight,
Of boys and girls, embracing their might.

Gone are the days of gender divide,
Where limitations held them, side by side,
For now, they stand, hand in hand,
Unveiling a future that’s truly grand.

No longer bound by societal chains,
Boys and girls break free from constraints,
Their spirits soar, unrestrained and free,
Embracing their uniqueness, for all to see.

For it is not in the labels they wear,
But in the depths of their hearts they bear,
The strength, the courage, the fire within,
To rise above, conquer and win.

No more judgments, no more disdain,
Equality’s anthem echoes its refrain,
Boys and girls, together they strive,
In a world where differences thrive.

In classrooms, they learn, side by side,
Seeking knowledge with hearts open wide,
Their aspirations know no bounds,
As they chase dreams that truly astound.

In fields of play, their laughter rings,
As equals they stand, joyfully sings,
For it matters not the color or hue,
But the content of character that shines through.

Let us celebrate their unique grace,
Their talents and dreams, interlace,
For it is in diversity we find strength,
A tapestry woven, of infinite length.

So let us teach the young minds to be,
To embrace themselves, authentically,
To love who they are, without a doubt,
And let their true essence shine throughout.

For in a world where equality thrives,
Boys and girls can truly come alive,
Together they’ll walk, hand in hand,
Creating a future that’s truly grand.

Let us champion this noble quest,
To foster a world where all are blessed,
Where boys and girls can simply be,
Embracing their worth, forever free.

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