Injustice, a word that echoes through time,
A plague that has plagued the human race,
A force that has caused many to suffer and pine,
A disease that has left its mark on every place.

From the dawn of humanity, it has been there,
A shadow that looms over the weak and the poor,
A monster that feeds on the innocent and fair,
A tyrant that rules with an iron fist and more.

It comes in many forms, this injustice we face,
From the subtle to the overt, it wears many masks,
It lurks in the shadows, waiting to take its place,
And when it strikes, it leaves behind shattered tasks.

It’s in the systems we’ve built, in the laws we’ve made,
In the way we treat those who are different from us,
It’s in the way we judge, in the price we’ve paid,
For our greed and our lust for power and trust.

It’s in the way we deny others their rights,
In the way we turn a blind eye to their plight,
It’s in the way we refuse to see the light,
And instead choose to live in darkness and spite.

But we must not give up, we must not despair,
For there is hope in the hearts of those who care,
There is strength in our unity, in our love and our prayer,
And together we can build a world that is fair.

We must stand up for what is right, for what is just,
We must fight against the forces of greed and lust,
We must speak out against those who would crush,
The hopes and dreams of those who are hushed.

For injustice cannot win, as long as we fight,
As long as we hold on to what is good and right,
As long as we stand together with all our might,
We can overcome this darkness, this endless night.

So let us rise up, let us take a stand,
Let us fight for what is right, for what is grand,
Let us build a world that is fair and just and kind,
And let us leave behind this injustice, this scourge of our mind.

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