Sneakers squeaking on studio floors,
Caps turned backwards, hip hop scores.
Bodies popping, locking, waves,
Street dance skills these boys crave.

Spinning on their heads with ease,
Waving arms like a cool breeze.
Freezing poses strike with pride,
Energy and rhythm can’t hide.

B-boy crews huddle close as kin,
Bonded by the dance within.
At battles they cheer each other on,
United in dance they stay strong.

Muscles flexed control the pace,
Power moves win the race.
Athletic art performed with care,
Dancing brothers their bond share.

Graffiti art and urban beats,
Are backdrops for dancing feet.
Cardboard spread, their stage is set,
Dance is how their lives intersect.

Intricate rhythms are no mystery,
Dancing lets their true selves be.
For these b-boys, dance is a passion,
Where self-expression comes to fruition.

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